Craft Shopping + Coupons!

Yesterday I had a little retail therapy.  LOL!  I only went to 2 stores, WalMart and Hobby Lobby, but I found some cool things.  Look at these pretty pink and green containers I found at Walmart.  I’ve already put my Cri-Kit pens and Cri-Kits metal into 2 of them.  In the other one I’ve got Viva Decor pens and some Tulip paint.  Ahhh, don’t you love containers?  They’re so cute in their pink and Cricut green.  I bought pink. 😉

The containers range from $1.50 to $4.  Nice.

Then I was off to Hobby Lobby.

Nearly every craft store is a crafter’s paradise.

I think people thought I was a tourist…taking photos of the Hobby Lobby sign.  What a weirdo.  😉

I LOVE this foil paper!  They had this small size and a larger size.  You’ll find these in the Christmas section.

I didn’t know Tim Holtz had a paper line!!  Well, I snapped up some of that. My Hobby Lobby has just expanded their Tim Holtz section.  YAY!

Look at this EK punch holder for $5.99.  I don’t know about this.  I don’t think I need it.

Here’s the back and how it’s supposed to work:

Hmm…not too sure about that one.

Alrighty…if you’re going shopping here’s a link to some craft coupons.

Come back tomorrow for a crafty post!

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  1. Oooooo ahhhhhh…… I seriously need some retail therapy. I think I will go after the holiday weekend.
    Thanks for the heads up!!!

  2. please, dont buy those EK containers…the lids do not stay on and they don’t stack well either. I got them like for a dollar at M’s last year, bought a few and i still thinking how can i re-purpose them. actually they are in hiding and you just reminded me, lol.

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