Check Meowt Cat Embroidered Towel

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Make a check meowt cat embroidered towel – purrfect for a cat owner!

Check Meowt embroidered Towel

In our family, our cat and two dogs, keep us laughing.  They all have such different personalities, which can have some pretty funny consequences, like when our little dog, Scout, thinks he can pummel our English Mastiff and make any kind of an impression.  He can’t.  Our dog, Saban, is a lover not a fighter.  The real ruler of our animal kingdom is, Domino, our cat.  He out thinks, out maneuvers and out plans everyone in this house, and we love him.  His personality is basically, “Go ahead, make my day.  Unless, I’m napping.”

tuxedo cat tongue curled

I made this Check Meowt cat embroidered towel, because I thought it captured Domino’s personality so well. I just had to make it! I found the design at Urban Threads (UT9937) and imported it into my embroidery machine.

Check Meowt Cat Towel Embroidery Supplies

 I changed up the colors in the embroidery design so it would better match my towel and my favorite colors!  This design was easy to change up because it only used three colors.

Embroidered cat eyes

It’s so exciting when your design starts to appear!  Domino usually comes into my craft room when I’m working, but I keep him out when this machine is going.  I don’t want him to get sewn down!

Embroidered cat sunglasses

To keep the stitches from sinking into the fabric, I use a water soluble stabilizer on top of the towel.  You can learn more about embroidery in these posts.

Cat standing on check meowt towel

Some of my stitches weren’t perfect because my bobbin got a little off.  Luckily, I bought these towels in bulk, so I can just make another one.  Domino doesn’t seem to notice though.  He just wants to be seen!  These towels would make a great gift for a friend or along with new pet items for a new cat owner!

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tuxedo cat on bed

Did you know that there are more than three million cats in US shelters waiting to find their forever home?  We adopted Domino 15 years ago and he has brought a lot of joy into our lives!

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What funny things does your pet do?

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