Over the River and Through the Bridge – Longest Covered Bridge in Georgia

Watson Mill Bridge – Longest Covered Bridge in Georgia

On the way home from our last adventure, I asked the kids to each write down two places they’d like to go next week and we’d vote from their suggestions.  When the day for this week’s mini-uno-day-cation came closer and no one made any suggestions (other than Niagara Falls, which is NOT close to home at all) I decided to choose for them. 😉  They were dubious about my plan for us to visit the longest covered bridge in the state of Georgia but being good sports, they agreed and piled into ye ole’ mini van.

Watson Mill Bridge in Comer, Georgia

 It took us about an hour and forty minutes to reach the bridge.  It was the kind of ride that can throw a city girl right off her game.  Fields, barns, four way stops that all start to look the same.  At least twice I thought I was going the wrong way but my GPS has never let me down before so I kept on going.

The bridge spans 229 feet across the South Fork River.

I’m glad I kept going and I’m glad the kids had willing spirits about this adventure.  Once we got there they wondered if it was safe to drive across the bridge.  It was.  That didn’t keep me from cracking jokes about wishing we hadn’t had such a big breakfast and being glad they could swim…stuff like that. 😉  Hee hee hee.  I rolled the windows down.  The bridge creaked as we drove over it.  It smelled wonderful, like the hot wood smell I enjoyed when I drove through the Adirondack Mountains.  They were thrilled.

My oldest son took this photo of my daughter taking pictures of the bridge.

 Ever since my kids were tiny, I’ve made sure there was a camera around for them to use.  I started my daughter with the film version of the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camerawhen she was about 3 and they all used it at that age.  Oh, how much I would have saved had digital photography been available then!  Anyway…it helped me to sell them on this “long drive to see a bridge” idea because I offered up several cameras for their use.  My oldest son and daughter have a good eye for photography.  My younger son is more interested in exploring.  I enjoy seeing the world through their eyes, no matter how they decide to share it with me.

Super Daughter stayed on shore.

We saw tadpoles!

 The boys and I took off our shoes, slid on river rocks and hopped from hot, dry rock to hot, dry rock.

A great spot for simple, summer fun.

 More people were there enjoying the water than you can see in this photo.  We watched kids using the slippery river rocks like it was any water slide you’ve ever seen.  They were having a blast.  I think you have to learn how to walk on those rocks because it’s like walking on ice with banana peels strapped to your feet, to me.  I was really impressed with other people’s abilities to walk across them easily.  City Girl = 0 River Rocks = 1

We drove first, now we experience the thrill of the walk across.

 It was time to go.  Super Kid #2 had to get back for a team practice.  I wanted the kids to know they’d crossed a covered bridge in car and on foot, so off we went.  It was very cool.  It’s so interesting to think of all the life, all the stories that have passed across this bridge since 1885.

At one time, Georgia had more than 200 covered bridges; today, less than 20 remain.

We read that, “The bridge is supported by a Town’s Lattice Truss system held firmly together with wooden pins.”  See the pins?  Look to the right.

The boys and me.  We’re smiling, I promise!

 We got a late start today.  However, it sort of worked out for us because we ate before we left (FINALLY) and didn’t spend ANY MONEY on food.  WHEW!  The only cost was for parking.

The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to this beautiful bridge and they were really glad I chose to go there.  YAY!

I have no idea what we’ll do for next week’s mini-uno-day-cation but I hope you’ll tune in to find out.

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  1. dolphin6859 says:

    Looks like a cool place. Thanks for sharing

  2. What a fabulous trip!! I love visiting places like that. Great photos too

  3. Joy – Not sure where you guys live exactly, but Helen Ga is a great day trip and then you can travel a little farther north to Anna ruby Falls. Great little hike with a beautiful waterfall. from there head on to Lake Burton and Mark of the Potter. Also tubing almost at the head of the Chattahoochee :). You might also enjoy Babyland General = home of the Cabbage Patch kids, Their new “hospital” is great! Lunch at Smith’s Soda Shop is also a treat. This a REAL soda fountain and still has most of the original items. No I don’t work for White County chamber of commerce, but it is home 🙂

    1. Hi Lavenia,

      You are right! Helen, GA is a great day trip. We haven’t been there in several years but have visited Anna Ruby Falls, downtown Helen, the train museum, German restaurants and Babyland General. Those are all terrific places to visit! I didn’t realize Babyland had a new hospital. I also didn’t know about Smith’s Soda Shop! You had me at Soda Fountain! LOL! We’ll definitely give that a try before summer is over. I think I might just have to stop by Bablyand again and check out its new hospital. What! I just saw you point me in the direction of Mark of the Potter. Cool! I’ve never been there either. Ok, this looks like a great day of things we haven’t done and one cool revisit. AWESOME! Thank you!!

  4. wdwannabe says:

    Oh, my gosh! You were just 20 minutes from me! So glad you got to enjoy my neck of the woods! Your pictures don’t do it justice. You know you could have went rafting down the Broad River too. Although that would have taken a few more hours. I havent do that, but have heard it is very nice trip.

    1. Hi Wdwannabe,
      Rafting would be so much fun! I’d like to try that some time but my kids seem a little skittish about it at this point. You’re right about the photos. It’s so hard to capture the true beauty of such a unique place. It must be nice to call that area home. 🙂

  5. mousemomma says:

    Hi Joy! I’m enjoying your day-cations. It makes me feel like I got to go somewhere too! It also inspires me to try this soon. I can hardly wait to see where you’ll go next week. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Joy I love reading about your advantages with the kids. Wow less then 20 history. It so amazing to hear about history I wish i could have been their. I want to take a girls road trip; but i don’t have many girl friends who like the nature and seeing history. I love it. I hope to do more site seeing with my two sweet girls when the oldest get here. We just moved to WA state and she was in MS for this school year and will be home next month cant wait. I enjoyed reading your post and thanks for sharing AJ~

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