Captain’s Log…Day One

I feel like David Lee Roth should be doing the voiceover for how I can still feel the road beneath me even though I’m in a hotel room. Some of you kept up with that, but listen to Panama by Van Halen and you’ll get it. I think my whole body is still vibrating from the constant driving. Nine hours of driving and we’re all still talking to each other, although the two boys wanted to murder each other over who needed/had or wanted more covers including a short explanation of why, a degeneration into personal character and then some random punching. They’re sharing a fold out couch.

It’s day one and I’m homesick. WTH?! That’s ridiculous, I know. Still, it’s tough being out here with a ton and a half of luggage to heft around, a zillion miles and 16 days laid out before me. I’m starting to think I am a nut hut candidate. It’s like that old Eddie Murphy joke about getting drunk and voting for a candidate you think will never win and then waking up the next day and finding out… “he efff’ing won?”. Yeah, that’s me except I was fully sane and coherent when I chose this. No, I wasn’t “off my meds”, LOL. I don’t even take cold medicine when I need it. I think and hope that I’m just really tired. I was up until 2am and then back up and getting ready at 6:45 (she who needs at least 7 -8 hrs to function). So, I’m going to make like a banana and go to sleep. You know how cranky and maddening a tired banana is right? I was top of my class in analogies.


Today we ran through: part of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina & Virginia. That’s where we’ve landed for the evening. I have to say, and I’ve been here before…Virginia is such a beautiful place. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love it. We drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains and almost everything was “Wow” worthy. It was really something. From hills, to valleys dotted with homes, old weather worn barns, bright red barns, sign after sign announcing local caverns to be toured, etc. Once we drove past an apple farm and could swear the scent of apples permeated the car. I hesitate to commit to that because I know it’s not apple season (you know, my being a farmer gives me that info…just kidding…all my apples come fresh from the local store). Also,  my smell-o-meter has been damaged.  The kids and I could see rain in the mountains we would soon be approaching, so I said, “Let’s roll down the windows and see if we can smell the rain.” I rolled them down and we were slapped with the most vile smell. It can only be described as a cross between a dog food processing plant and mountains of cow manure, with a dash of wet dog aftershave. Horrific and lasting it was. It took about 15 minutes to exorcise that smell from the car. But from now on, whenever Mom fondly looks heavenward and declares she can smell the rain coming … my kids will be gagging and retching and rolling on the ground laughing reminding me what the rain smells like in Virginia. Ahhh, family moments…and these are the days of our lives…ta da da dah dah dah..bop bop bah ta da dah de da….

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  1. Joy – Brian here from SUM Global. Chip told me about your Excellent Adventure! Congrats. It sounds like a blast. I look forward to reading about your progress

    Best of luck and here’s to lower gas prices……HA!

  2. Thanks Brian! Yesterday, I found the lowest gas price of my entire adventure… in NYC!! Too bad I couldn’t stop and fill up. I was eager to get out of the city’s traffic snarl. The next thing I know, I’m in New Jersey paying about .40 more a gallon. Ugh, almost made me want to drive back over the river. LOL

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