Captain’s Log…Day Two

I’ll make it anywhere…..

New York, New York…

When I woke up in Virginia this morning I thought that all that lay before me was countryside and harbors. WRONG. The little man that lives inside my GPS system was sick and tired of me and my kids making fun of him, so he played a little joke on us and rerouted us through New York City during rush hour. That’s a knee-slapper right there, I tell you what, that’s funny.

Here’s how it unfolded. The kids were all strapped in to their various devices. I had to nudge DD and get her to unattach herself from her Ipod , then I had to turn off the DVD player because the boys had on headphones and were faced skyward, like satellites, pointed at that great information nebula, the DVD screen, and would miss any action that wasn‘t being acted out in 7“ animation. I did all that in anticipation of there being something to see as we entered into a new state. I was trying not to fall asleep, as the great state of Pennsylvania was about to lull me into a temporary coma, one I’d come out of just as I slammed into a guardrail. That’s when I passed into New Jersey. My first thought about New Jersey was that their motto must be, “Welcome to New Jersey, Our Road’s are Worse than Pennsylvania’s.” My next few thoughts were, “Darn, I see by the signs that NYC is near, too bad I’m routed around it. That would be something to see.” Well, I’m not a NYC girl, so I didn’t know specifically where these roads were leading me. I just knew that they’d been dead on so far. Also, I’d gone over the route prior to leaving. I KNEW that it was set to bypass NYC, so I just followed what it said. You know what it said? “Hey doofus, you don’t like me talking to you all the time? You think my job is easy? Try finding your way outta Chinatown at 5pm. I‘ve got some random recalculating to do.” Yep.

More on my NYC adventures to follow. I’ve had a time getting a connection in the ultra modern, high-speed Internet touting hotel I’m staying in.

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