Captain’s Log…Day Nine…Maine, Stephen King, New Hampshire

One of the cool things about our hotel room, besides the great view, is that there is a nearby dock where the CAT comes in. What CAT you say? This ‘un. According to the Discovery Channel it’s one of the world’s Top 10 “Super Ships”. I took this shot from my deck
You can leave from Bar Harbor, spend the day in Nova Scotia and be back in time to sleep in your own beddy-bye. Very cool. I’d had some requests for photos of this ship, so here it is. See how thoughtful and accommodating I can be? One day I will come to you and ask for a favor…

I heart the good scary story AND/OR horror movie. So how could I get <<<this>>> close to Bangor, Maine and not seek out Stephen King? Please. You know I found that man’s house, right? Of course. My terrific DH had even programmed SK’s address into the GPS for me. I zipped right to his house. He lives in a seemingly dull and un-pretty little town, right in the middle of a group of other houses, on a regular old street. Yep. The rest of us probably worry about security more than he does. It sort of puts things in perspective. Of course, I didn’t get out and step on his lawn or linger too long. I didn’t want my legs lasered off or to be blinded with some hinky spell.

Here’s his house:
sk's house
Here’s his cool gate close up. I’m sooo puttin’ one of these babies in at ye ole subdivision. It will go over great!:
sk's gate

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