Captain’s Log…Day Seven…Ba Haba, Maine

The drive up the coast of Maine is often pretty, but very long. Very, very long. I think there is some sort of time space problem as you drive through there, because 5 hours from Boston to Bar Harbor, Maine took like…10. Well, it seemed to anyway.

I found this great diner in Waldoboro, Maine where we stopped for dinner.

They claim their walnut pie is delicious and known throughout the state. I had to find out. It was very good, but I wouldn’t drive to Waldoboro for it. I would stop at Moody’s again, if I was going that way. Plus, it’s good to keep a balance. Room service at the Parker House in Boston for breakfast, a roadside diner in Waldoboro, Maine for dinner. That’s teaching the kids balance. LOL I tell you what…they were just as happy with either one.

We avoided some spectacular thunderstorms, thank the sweet Lord. We drove over a long, high bridge as we began to get closer to Bar Harbor. It was so beautiful. We could see a town and river below. Pretty. We made a bathroom break at a McDonald’s soon after the bridge and DS#2 and I listened to the Ba Haba’ish accent of the locals there. I’m sure we sounded just as unusual to them. Actually, it was sort of strange. I had thought I’d hear a lot more of the northern accents throughout my journey and secretly worried that we’d really stand out, but that hasn’t been the case. I guess my Atlanta area is the great middleman. Everyone seems to sound about the same as I’m used to…and no one is asking me to just “say something” so they can hear me talk. This is a reasonable fear for me because I used to live in Alabama and when I traveled to Michigan and Indiana that DID happen to me. Ugh. Guess I lost some drawl along the way.

Our hotel in Bar Harbor is not the Parker House. By that I mean…the young bellman asked if I would like help with my bags. He helped me bring a couple of them down a few short flights of stairs to our room and then asked if he could do anything ELSE for me. I said, “I’d really just like to finish bringing my bags in first.” (Because I was also lugging them in.) He stood there…”Is there anything ELSE I could do for you? Could I get you some ice?” Finally, I get it. He’s not bringing any more bags in. So I took advantage of his ice getting skills. (Then wished for change from the tip I gave him, LOL.)

Though clearly NOT the Parker House, I chose this place for the view. There it delivers. We have a balcony that overlooks Frenchman’s Bay. It is serene and beautiful.

frenchmans bay
Here's a part of what I can see from my balcony.

This hotel also has a nice variety of delicious homemade cookies each night. Kudos to that. The staff is very friendly as well. The place is like a bed and breakfast, but isn’t one. It’s sort of in between. It’s also the first place we’ve stayed that has a ton of TV stations. Yay to that. I thought I’d go crazy if I had to watch the Cartoon Network much longer. You know you can’t just let kids flip channels in a hotel. So we were having to stick to the Cartoon Network during chill out down time. Oh, the humanity.

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  1. WOW, this is a stunning view, and I am certainly happy you got to watch something other than Cartoon Network, but seriously, what is wrong with 24/7 Sponge Bob?

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