Captain’s Log…Day’s Six ~ Boo! Who?

 Parker House Lobby

When we took the tour of Boston one of the first things we learned was that the hotel we were staying in, the Omni Parker House, was the most haunted place in the city. Tell me. I couldn’t sleep at all the first night because I kept thinking someone (besides me and the kids) was in the room. I was hoping for a ghost who knew the lottery numbers to whisper sweet numbers in my ears…but you gotta play to win, so I’m out on two fronts. I don’t play and no ghost.Sometimes I wonder just WHAT is wrong with me. I watched the Shining before leaving on this trip. It didn’t help calm my nerves.


Because I’m all about teaching my kids things…I went straight to the concierge once we returned to the hotel from our trolley tour. I asked him for any information on the hotel hauntings. Then I proceeded to read it to the kids over our pampered room service dinner. The boys thought it was interesting and great. Um, DD couldn’t sleep all night because she was convinced that a ghost was going to murder her. Let me just say, the most dangerous ghost they had was the hotel’s namesake who seemed to a guest to be asking if she was having a good stay. Not exactly the making of Stephen King’s nightmares.

I’d like to mention that I also made a point of explaining that Charles Dickens debuted “A Christmas Carol” in the hotel and JFK proposed to Jackie there too. Somehow it didn’t have the staying power or memory impact that the supernatural carried. She seemed over it by mid morning the next day though. In hindsight, perhaps it was not my best parenting move to tell the kids they’re in a ghost story and then wish them a good night.

Ahh, live and learn.

And…we’re off to Ba Haba, Maine.

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