Captain’s Log…Day’s Five – Bahstin

Parker House, I love you.

I’m relocating and here’s why:

Parker House Boston joyslife

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie Parker House joyslife

Need I say more? Yes, actually, I’d better also say that the beds were very plush and comfy. I don’t know what the thread count of the sheets was, but when I moved them they sounded like flags flapping in the wind on a warm, breezy day. Ahhh. The rooms aren’t enormous, but were well designed and had everything we needed.

Also, we all loved the Parker House rolls. They didn’t become famous for nuthin’, ya know.

I learned one thing for sure about Boston. You definitely can’t do it in a day. We did as much as we could, but apparently you can’t lay around eating breakfast in bed and see everything there is to see (duh)…and still make it back in time to not have to order room service off the late night menu. LOL! Boston is a great city and we did as much as we could in one day, but we were too tired and the hotel was too enticing. It was the perfect place to rest up a bit.

Here’s what we did on our one full day in Boston and I highly recommend it:

Boston’s Old Town Trolley Tour

I chose this tour because it had a great reputation, picked up near our hotel and had the super added bonus of allowing us to jump on and off all day. It also included a free tour of the Old State House. I thought taking this tour would be a great way to see and learn about the city from the guide, but be free to explore in more depth whatever we wanted. That’s exactly what we did.

The fist thing we did was to explore “Old Ironsides” a.k.a. the “USS Constitution“. DS#2 was really put out that we had to go through security to be able to board the ship. He’s never had to go through airport security. I’d hate to see how indignant he would be about that. He cracks me up. He’s sometimes an old grouch, trapped in a young body. The kids thought that Old Ironsides was pretty awesome. They loved that it was made of wood, but had repelled cannonballs, which led to it’s nickname. It’s not the most exciting ship we’d toured, but it was pretty thrilling to be exploring a part of history.

Old Ironsides USS Constitution joyslife

We hopped back on the trolley once we were done and next got off at the Old State House. Our trolley tickets got us inside the museum for free, but outside is where the amazing stuff really is. The Declaration of Independence was proclaimed from the balcony of the Old State House to the citizens of Boston in 1776 and we stood right under it while I told the kids exactly what happened there. Then I pointed to a rounded change in the bricks in the middle of a median in the road…that’s where the Boston Massacre occurred. Wow. When we were in the Old State House museum we listened to some actual court documents that were read regarding the Massacre.

History is in the present in Boston.

I’ll have to get back to the future and visit it again when I have more time.

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