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How to Make Simple “Sour Cream” Candy Containers

How to Make Simple Sour Cream Candy Containers #SEI #ValentinesDay #Candy

Check out this fun and easy candy container craft!  I can’t believe this is my first time making these.  I first heard of “sour cream” containers about six years ago.  I thought, “That’s disgusting…putting candy in old sour cream containers!”  Um…yes.  That would be disgusting.  Thankfully, we’re not doing anything like that AT ALL.  This container craft is modeled after the style of single serve sour cream containers but everything is fresh and new.  Whew.  If you’ve never heard of them aren’t you relieved now?  I know I was!  LOL!

How to Make the Containers

How to Make Simple Sour Cream Candy Containers #SEI #ValentinesDay #Candy

    First, take your favorite paper and cut it to 5″x6″.  I’m using a pretty, checkered sheet of paper from SEI’s Chalet paper pack.  You can make four of these containers from one sheet of paper.  (Awesome.)  Next, roll the paper into a tube shape.  Glue the paper on the long side to keep the tube form.  If you want to scallop the edge like I did, this is a good time to grab a scalloped paper punch and trim the ends.

How to Make Simple Sour Cream Candy Containers #SEI #ValentinesDay #Candy

 Now you can smash down one end and glue or sew it in place.  I used the Sew Easy to help me punch holes in my paper and I used the large needle from it to help me sew.  The twine is from the Chalet Twill & Twine pack.

Curious about the Sew Easy?  Here’s a video I made about it back in 2011 when I bought it.  I have’t used it much but I do think it’s cool.

How to Make Simple Sour Cream Candy Containers #SEI #ValentinesDay #Candy

   Next, add your candy.  I’m using butter mints that I found at WalMart in the DIY wedding/craft area.  I got so carried away sewing I had almost sewn the other end shut before adding the candy.  Don’t let that happen to you.  LOL!  After you’ve added the candy, sew or glue closed that end.  To achieve the “sour cream” container look, one end should be closed vertically while the other should be horizontal.  If you own a crimper, you can crimp the ends too.

How to Make Simple Sour Cream Candy Containers #SEI #ValentinesDay #Candy

Now your candy looks super cute!  The person receiving this cute treat just has to tear off one end to get to their yummy gift.  This is a fun way to give Valentine’s Day candy!  BTW, don’t you adore that paper?  LOVE!

#SEI #JoysLife

I wrote this post while part of the SEI Design Team.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Hi Joy! Really loved these. I was just thinking I’m gonna do these with gummy bears etc and give them to friends on Valentines when I read you had thought the same thing 😀 I’m definitely gonna stay tuned, you have an awesome blog!

    1. Kat,
      Gummy bears would be adorable! Much more fun than my lame mints…though the butter mints do taste pretty good. LOL! Thanks so much for stopping by! 😀

  2. I was looking for the recipe like everyone else, but I loved the container tutorial! I think it would be great for a school party, especially for those conversation hearts or red hots. Having them sewn would encourage the kids to wait until they got home to open them (maybe? hopefully? lol)

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