Hot Summer Calls for Cool Iced Tea…Fast!

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Lipton, but all my opinions are my own. #bemoretea #pmedia

This morning the weather man said that it’s going to be humid and 90 degrees all week.  I live in the South, so now that I’ve heard that forecast for the first time this summer, I can just plan on that until about October, with the only changes being rain.  Now, I’m one who likes the hot weather.  I like to sit in it and bake like a snake on a rock but I also stay hydrated, the way any good Southerner does, with a big glass of iced tea.

Hot Summer Calls for Cool Iced Tea...Fast! #bemoretea #PMedia #ad

You know how much I love my Keurig, right?  I use it all day, every day.  I’ve had it for years but this is the first year that I started making cold drinks with it.  Did you know you can do that?  You can!!  Today, I’m using the Lipton K-Cups and brewing them over ice.  You can find Lipton K-cups in stores and online at nationwide retailers, so look for ’em!

Hot Summer Calls for Cool Iced Tea...Fast! #bemoretea #PMedia #ad

Brewing over ice is so easy!  You simply add ice to your cup, add a Lipton Tea K-Cup to your Keurig and press the button to brew.  Simple as a summer day.  (Though my husband didn’t know a thing about it until I told him.  He just stood by amazed as I quickly brewed a fresh cup of iced tea and strolled outside to relax.  I think it took him a minute to process what I did…and days to own up to it.  LOL!  We’ll just keep that between us, okay?)

Hot Summer Calls for Cool Iced Tea...Fast! #bemoretea #PMedia #ad

I like to make really big glasses of tea.  In my Keurig, the bottom can slide away for bigger glasses.  If you have a model like this try a big glass!

Hot Summer Calls for Cool Iced Tea...Fast! #bemoretea #PMedia #ad

Today, I’m drinking Lipton Refresh Iced Sweet Tea.  I added a lemon to the side of my glass so I can pretend I’m at a spa.  LOL!  I sometimes use a lemon and sometimes I don’t.  I’d say I play spa with it more than I actually use it.  Be sure to check your favorite nationwide retailer to see the variety of Lipton Iced Tea K-cups they carry.  I’ve also tried the Lipton Iced Tea Lemonade and the Lipton Classic K-Cups.  They’re all good!

Hot Summer Calls for Cool Iced Tea...Fast! #bemoretea #PMedia #ad

Fast.  Easy.  Refreshing.  I’ve got my Lipton Iced Tea, my book and I’m ready to bake in the sun.  Ahhh, me time.

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  1. Blue Rose says:

    I did not know that either. Okay, so I know about removing the tray…love my hot chocolate, but I have to ask…when using a large glass full of ice, what size do you select on the machine? And, do you use a special glass, one tempered for hot and cold? I would think pouring hot tea into an ice cold glass would make it shatter…sorry, chemistry you know…loved shattering those glasses, but that’s another story. Last question, would you please tell about a mint julep? By the way, love the little tin box and your little black canister.

  2. Hi Blue Rose!
    I typically use the middle setting (or just what the default setting is). Sometimes, I move it to the next setting but I usually like my drinks to be pretty strong so I’d say I’m mostly at the middle. The glass I’m using in the photo is a Tervis Tumbler. It’s plastic. When I do use glass, I go with my restaurant quality heavy duty glass. I definitely think plastic is the way to go. Much safer. 😉 A mint julep is one of those pretty sounding names that hides the fact that you’re drinking almost straight bourbon. LOL! It’s typically a mix of a little bit of sugar water, and the rest just bourbon + a sprig of mint. Isn’t that funny?

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