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Halloween Pumpkin Box Treat Holders Lori Whitlock Design Team

Using Lori Whitlock Design with my Silhouette Cameo

These pumpkin boxes are so easy to make that you’re going to love them just for that reason alone.  The other obvious greatness about them is how super cute they are.  Am I right?  Totally. 😉  You can find this “Pumpkin Box” file in Lori Whitlock’s store right here.

Echo Park paper and chocolate. My day is good. LOL!

I’m in love with double sided paper because it makes crafty life so easy.  For example, I made those two pumpkins from one sheet of paper.  I just turned one of them over for variety.  I love that!  I’m using Echo Park Dots and Stripes Homefront paper…and a couple of Baby Ruth mini candy bars.  Want to put mini candy bars in yours?  I cut the face at 1.515″ x 1.825″ and the box at 5.130″ x 7.620″.  It will hold a mini Baby Ruth perfectly.

Look closely…a Cricut mat in the Cameo!!

Notice anything odd?  I’m using a Cricut mat in my Cameo!  It works GREAT!  Why am I using Cricut mats in my Silhouette?  Well, I like them better, I have a lot of them and the Silhouette ones are too delicate for the way I craft.  Also, the Silhouette ones cost waaaay too much for only getting one in a pack.  You know who gets it right?  The Sizzix Eclips.  I love that machine but it seems like not many people use it.  I’ve used it here.  It’s awesome.  Ok…back to the topic.

Double sided paper is a genius creation.

See?  It turned out just fine using that Cricut mat in the Silhouette.  YAY!

Pumpkins in progress…

Easy as store bought pie!  Just fold these little guys up where the lines are perforated.

This makes That!

Can you believe that little piece of paper turns into a box?  So cool!

A little dab will do ya.

The last thing you have to do is add the face.  I used a Zig 2 Way glue pen to help me dot on the eyes, nose and mouth.  Easy!

Mr & Mrs Pumpkin Box

You can make the pumpkin box as big or small as you’d like.  Making them small makes them the project perfect for a whole class or office gifts!  Cute + Easy = Woo hoo!

I wrote this post while participating on the Lori Whitlock Design Team.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. wow Joy this is so super neat I love it I just wish I own a Cameo, it would be such more easier to work with, I have done so where they can be cut out by hand thanks for sharing and for inspiring me.
    Hugs Debbie

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