Coffee Coffee Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink card…

Card on right says: “Chocolate, coffee, men – some things are better rich.”

I made these cards for my BFF for her b’day.  I’ve been planning to make her a set of coffee cards for about 6 months now.  She doesn’t have a clue about them, but she will soon.  She arrives here tomorrow to spend 3 days with me.  Isn’t that sweet of her?  She’s also bringing her 2 sons, but not her DH because he’s working.  Poor DH.

We’ll have a good time.  We’ve been friends for … let’s just say we met when we were 12 and have been friends since then.  Ok?  No need to establish that I’m actually old enough to have a teenager.  Oops.  Let’s just say I’m more than 20 years past 12, but less than 30 years past 12…but not by too much.

So, I just “had to have” certain supplies to make my BFF this set of cards I had in my head.  DH was happy to get everything I asked for.  Then…I ended up not using most of it and developing something totally different.  I heart you DH…you’re the best.

Well, I like the 2 cards above soooo much…that I don’t want to give them to her.  I bought these little stands at Kirkland’s the other day for cards to sit on so I can enjoy them while they are being completed, but when I got home, I put 2 of my BFF’s completed card gifts on the stands instead.  Now, I don’t want to see them go!  (BTW, initially, I went into Kirkland’s to buy a lamp but I left with the three tiny stands instead…then a day later DH said…we could really use 2 lamps to go on top of your desk…geeze).

Well, here’s one card that I thought had too much on it with that pink ribbon.  I thought it was overkill, but too late now.  Then the other card isn’t finished yet.

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  1. Thank you!! Yes, the writing is from a stamp. I think I found the “with enough caffeine” one at Joann’s one day. The other one is from Stampin’ Up, the set titled “Sip by Sip”.

    1. Th aaaa nnksss! A Tony the Tiger reply, LOL. Yet, somehow…not as charming. Mine looks more like the reply of a digesting snake.
      So….Thank you!

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