Coffee Coffee Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink card…

Card on right says: “Chocolate, coffee, men – some things are better rich.”

I made these cards for my BFF for her b’day.  I’ve been planning to make her a set of coffee cards for about 6 months now.  She doesn’t have a clue about them, but she will soon.  She arrives here tomorrow to spend 3 days with me.  Isn’t that sweet of her?  She’s also bringing her 2 sons, but not her DH because he’s working.  Poor DH.

We’ll have a good time.  We’ve been friends for … let’s just say we met when we were 12 and have been friends since then.  Ok?  No need to establish that I’m actually old enough to have a teenager.  Oops.  Let’s just say I’m more than 20 years past 12, but less than 30 years past 12…but not by too much.

So, I just “had to have” certain supplies to make my BFF this set of cards I had in my head.  DH was happy to get everything I asked for.  Then…I ended up not using most of it and developing something totally different.  I heart you DH…you’re the best.

Well, I like the 2 cards above soooo much…that I don’t want to give them to her.  I bought these little stands at Kirkland’s the other day for cards to sit on so I can enjoy them while they are being completed, but when I got home, I put 2 of my BFF’s completed card gifts on the stands instead.  Now, I don’t want to see them go!  (BTW, initially, I went into Kirkland’s to buy a lamp but I left with the three tiny stands instead…then a day later DH said…we could really use 2 lamps to go on top of your desk…geeze).

Well, here’s one card that I thought had too much on it with that pink ribbon.  I thought it was overkill, but too late now.  Then the other card isn’t finished yet.

  • Recipe:
  • Stampin Up: Chocolate Chip paper
  • Spring Moss paper, Polka Dot Parade paper, Hibiscus Burst paper
  • Hibiscus Burst 5/8″ Swiss Dot satin ribbon
  • Cuttlebug Folders: Tiny Bubbles, Swiss Dots
  • Scotch ATG tape gun with Double Sided Tape 1/4″

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  1. harleychickx2 says:

    Soooo, cute! Is the writing from a stamp?

  2. I think they look great and your friend will love them!

    1. Oh NO!! She’s off caffeine!! Soooo not as appreciated when she’s more pro water and less pro coffee. So sad.

  3. Thank you!! Yes, the writing is from a stamp. I think I found the “with enough caffeine” one at Joann’s one day. The other one is from Stampin’ Up, the set titled “Sip by Sip”.

  4. Looks great!!!!! In my best Tony the Tiger voice!!!!! LOL!

    1. Th aaaa nnksss! A Tony the Tiger reply, LOL. Yet, somehow…not as charming. Mine looks more like the reply of a digesting snake.
      So….Thank you!

  5. Very nice!

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