Ways to Get Your Home and Pet Ready for Spring

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Tractor Supply Co front

I don’t think we’ve ever been more excited to get our home and pets ready for Spring than we have this year.  In the Fall we had our trees trimmed, which really helped our yard and kept us from getting slapped with tree branches near our driveway.  In the Winter, we had some windows replaced, woodwork repaired and gave our laundry room a makeover.  Wow, it sounds like our house was falling in!  Nah, it wasn’t that bad, just standard homeowner stuff, but none of it really fun, just expensive.  Finally, all that stuff got done and Spring started heading this way, so we started making new plans!

Puppy head upside down on laptop

Making plans used to be a little easier, then our son surprised us with a puppy.  You know how kids are, right?  Well, Scout, is a ball of energy, and the complete opposite of our English Mastiff, Saban, but he’s truly stolen our hearts.  Also, we swear this dog has a flip top head, he can swivel and put his head backwards like nothing we’ve ever seen.  He’s hilarious.  My daughter actually took this photo while she was trying to work.  It’s pretty much how Scout is 24/7, which means getting him out and showing him how to behave in the world is both a pleasure and a necessity.

So, we decided to combine our plans for our yard with our plans for Scout, Saban and our cat Domino, which essentially was to get them food, litter and toys while we worked on ideas for our front yard makeover.  You know what was awesome?  We got to do it all in one place and take Scout with us!  (He needed a little “me” time with us.)

We Took Our Dog Shopping at the Tractor Supply Co

Tractor Supply Co front

Walking the Aisles of the Tractor Supply Co with our dog.

I don’t know who was more thrilled to be at the Tractor Supply Co, my husband or Scout.  Well, Scout’s pretty much excited about anything, so I’ll say my husband wins this one.  Plus, last month he bought a new truck and he is so excited to be able to buy things for the yard (and anything else) in bulk, he is beside himself with happiness.  A trip to the Tractor Supply Co, is basically like a trip to Disney. We can stock up on things for our dogs (and cat), and add home and yard things we need.

puppy tongue Purina aisle at Tractor Supply Co

You can take leashed pets with you to the Tractor Supply Co!  YAY!  Scout was so good!

Purina Pro plan on the shelf at Tractor Supply Co

TSC is a one stop shop for all of your rural needs, including pet food.  They have the best prices for Purina® products.  We picked up Purina® Pro Plan® Chicken & Rice Wet Dog Food.  For the 5th year, the Purina Days annual event is happening, this March!  It’s a great opportunity to save and do an annual stock up trip!  You can get savings, the best deals and pricing by shopping at TSC.  With the food we bought, right now you can buy a large bag and get 2 cans free.  Scout has been a picky eater lately, so we’re choosing this food because it has real chicken in it and the rice is easy to digest.

Purina Tidy Cats Litter on shelf at TSC

We can’t forget about Domino!  Right now, if you buy the 40-lb box of Purina® Tidy Cats® 24/7 Performance Clumping Litter, you’ll save $4.00.  We’re using this litter because it locks in moisture for powerful odor control and it clumps making cleanup easy.  It’s also 99.9% dust-free.  When you visit your local TSC there are many special in-store pricings, so look around!  Plus, the place is amazing, so you never know what you might find!  Look for an insert in the paper running from 3/28-4/2 for more Purina Days annual event savings info!

Pet Food and Supplies at TSC

If you look in the middle, you’ll see big galvanized tubs with lights.  Baby chicks are in there!!

baby chicks at the Tractor Supply Co

Seriously, these guys made my day!  Chicks!!!

Alright, after I checked out the chicks and made lots of content happy noise, I got back to my husband and Scout and we got back to work on our list…

10 Ways to Get Your Home and Pet Ready for Spring

#1 Prepare your lawn equipment with gas/batteries/new extension cords.  Clean & sharpen/repair blades.

Mulch Shovel at Tractor Supply Co

Hey, Scout picked out that toy in the cart!  That shovel is for mulch.  We’re changing from pine bark to black mulch in our front and back yard.

fertilizer and compost bin at tractor supply store

#2 Apply fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed killer.

Clean out flowerbeds

#3 Clean out flowerbeds.

adding black mulch to flower beds

#4 Refresh mulch.  (We used our new shovel!!)

#5 Pressure wash sidewalks and driveways.  (You can see that we have NOT done that yet.)  #gross

tools at tractor supply co

#6 Check for wood rot.  (Oh…sigh…we had so much work done on the house BUT … we still have to rebuild our columns.  Doing that soon.  My husband wants to do that himself.)  #buymoretools

#7 Replace shrubs, if necessary.  (Yes, please…all the shrubs.)

bird feeders at tractor supply

#8 Decorate the yard with your own special touches, like bird feeders.  Stock up on pet food so nobody misses a meal!

Dog light at Tractor Supply Co

How cute is this dog light for outside?  It reminded me of Scout.

#9 Give your yard a good cleaning for family and pets to enjoy.

Puppy with rope toy

  #10 Make sure pet toys are in good repair.  We bought this one for Scout at the Tractor Supply Co!  It’s the one he picked out!

It’s a One Stop Shop for You!

I don’t think I mentioned this, but this was our first visit to the Tractor Supply Co.  In the past, I thought it was just for tractors or farmers, I was so wrong.  They have all kinds of stuff that you need, no matter the size of your yard, patio or deck.  Look, they even have boots and clothes.

boots at the Tractor Supply Co

clothes at the tractor supply co

If you’ve ever thought about canning, or if you already do and you need more supplies, the Tractor Supply Co has you covered.

Ball canning equipment

  If you just want mason jars, that’s there too.

And if you have a truck….

winch truck aisle at Tractor Supply Co

Well, you’re going to FREAK OUT in here.  Truck winches, trailer hitches, truck work boxes.  The list goes on…

truck workbox aisle at Tractor Supply Co

and…you know that bolt you need?  They’ve got it.

All the screws

Yes, I just took this photo because I thought the scale was cool, but also … this photo doesn’t do their offerings justice.  You should find a Tractor Supply Co in your area and go check it out.

Big Air compressors

We have an air compressor, it looks like the small dog of one of these air compressors.  Guess who thinks we need one of these because his truck can haul it home?

thermometers at Tractor Supply

I took this for my meteorologist daughter, but it’s cool for anyone.  I remember my grandmother having a temp gauge like the white one on the left.  See, there’s something here for everyone and every house and yard!

Well, we finally peeled ourselves away from the Tractor Supply Co and made it home.

Purina Pro plan at home

Time to put all of our plans into motion!

Tidy Cats at home

What home and yard plans are you making for Spring?

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  1. I have never been to Tractor Supply Co but it looks amazing! I especially love that you can bring dogs because your pup looks so happy! We’ve been working on spring cleaning around here too, which means cleaning up a lot of fur (the biggest downside to spring is shedding season!). We’ve also had a lot of rain and even snow around here, which means our pups have dragged in a lot of mud. We’ve had the carpet cleaners over already and will probably need them again before the seasons is over! We need to go out and work on the yard, and I really wish we had a store like this nearby to get everything! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

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