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Make Washi Tape Magnets – Super Joy Loves Her Super Friends Day GIVEAWAY

Hey Everyone!  Today is Super Joy Loves Her Super Friends Day (on the 14th of every month) so don’t miss the giveaway at the end of this post!  Thank you for being part of Joy’s Life!

Welcome to my fridge.  I made some Washi Magnets!

I haven’t cut magnets with my Cricut since I made my Cricut Vinylology DVD.  I forgot how much fun it is to make them!  In the DVD, I teach you how to cut magnet material after applying vinyl.  Today, I tried something different!  I covered some magnet material with Washi tape and cut it!  Fun!

That’s a photo of my first two babies when Super Husband and I graduated from college.  I got my undergrad and he got his Master’s degree.  Some people go to college, get married and have kids.  I got married, had kids and went to college.  It’s much easier when you do it in the first order.  LOL!  ~~ We have a word of the day calendar.  I kept chevron because of it’s popularity in crafting.  I thought the calendar was giving a crafty shout out. 😉

It’s fun to create with a variety of things.

Today I’m using my Cricut Expression 2, the Cricut Lite Cartridge – Bump in the Night cartridge (for the mustache), Washi Tape from Freckled Fawn, a few stamps from my Sweet Popsicle Puns stamp set and White Magnet Material.

Do you love mustache crafts?
I made some cute mustaches using the Cricut Lite Billionaire cartridge here and a Silhouette Cameo mustache project here.

This time, I cut the magnet material before adding washi tape.

I use the Cricut Deep Cut Blade Housingand set it to 6, pressure 5, speed 3 and multi cut 4 to cut magnet material.  That’s what works best for me.  After I removed the cut mustache, I added pink striped washi tape to it.  Using a craft knife, I cut around the mustache to trim the edges.  I decided that I prefer the way I show you next.

You can also tape the magnet material before cutting it.

Adding the Washi tape to the magnet material before cutting it is much easier.

Cutting Washi Taped Magnet Material

To cut magnet material that has washi tape already applied use the same settings I mentioned above.  One helpful hint about magnet material is that it is easiest to work with if it is flat.  If you buy the roll I link to in this post (which is the kind that I’m using) then it will come to you rolled up and in a box.  Unroll it and lay it flat with some heavy books on top of it.  After a few days, the magnet will be as flat as a pancake and ready to lay down on your mat.  YAY!  That’s what you want it to do. 😉  It’s hardly worth trying to cut rolled up magnet…just sayin’.

P.S.  Don’t have a Cricut?  Ya don’t need one to do this.  Just cut out shapes with scissors or a craft knife. 😉

Stamping on Washi Tape…a work in progress.

I had to give it a try…stamping on washi tape.  I used a white pigment ink.  The washi is sort of slick when it comes to stamping, so keep steady.  It turned out really cute with the stamping but I’m not sure how long it takes to dry.  One of mine made it all the way to the fridge with no problem.  I stuck my fingers all over the other one and the ink rubbed right off.  My ruling?  It’s worth a try but give it some long term drying time. 😉

I also used washi tape in this video.

Time for a Giveaway!!

Awesome!  Freckled Fawn.com has donated a $25 gift certificate to one winner.  YAY!  Just leave a comment telling me how you’d use washi tape in your crafty world.  I’ll announce the winner on this post on August 24, 2012.


JTrapp 2012/08/20 at 1:06 PM
Awesome… I love Washi tape and have even created my own stamping on masking tape and coloring…I can’t wait to try this as I have been wondering how to do this and just bought the deep blade! Yeah a new back to school project! TIA! God bless,

Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

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  1. Michele from MS says:

    I have seen this tape all over the place but have yet to own any! After seeing your magnet, my head is spinning with ideas! My Cricut cut boxes are really flimsy so I think I would use it as a reinforcement border 1st and see if I can solve that problem. OMG so many directions you could go with this yummy stuff! Thanks for the awesome idea ((hugs))

  2. I love washi tape!! I use it on my cards & scrapbook layouts! This magnet idea is awesome!! I will have to make some for my craft room 🙂 TFS & for the chance to win 🙂

  3. crystalsnap says:

    I would let my daughter play with it . Since school has started, she can decorate her notebooks. Crystal R.

  4. morefunscraps says:

    I use washi tape on my cards and on some of my 3d projects. It’s so fun to use and it comes in so many different styles.

  5. I have some washi tape and still have not tried to use it. I probably will use it on some cards and maybe some of my layouts.

    mimicaro9650 at yahoo dot com

  6. Fun magnets! I never thought to cut magnets on my Cricut. I might have to try some washi tape too.

  7. Well I think I would definitely make cards using these magnets on the front, so it makes a gift too! 🙂 And how could I resist creating fun layouts using Washi Tape and some mini albums…really? The possibilities are endless! Thanks for the chance and thanks to Freckled Fawn too! That’s really sweet of them!

  8. The tape is so cute! I’ve not used tape yet, but I would love to try magnets or can always use on cards, of course!

  9. erintw2gs says:

    I’ve never used washi tape. I didn’t even know what it was until I saw it on your blog. It looks like fun though! Really cute magnets!

  10. FUN! I’d use washi tape to make little banners on my cards and layouts!

  11. scrapbooknut67114 says:

    I would use washi tape for embellishments on cards and layouts. I haven’t tried it out yet but, hope to in the near future.
    I like your idea of using it on magnets. I may even try that out. Thanks for the opportunity to win some.

  12. Hi Joy!!! Wow, thanks for the great ideas with washi tape and magnet material!!! I have not ever used either of these materials but I just love your projects!!!! I love all the variety of washi tape thats available and I just downloaded a bunch of new stuff from the Silhouette Store…so many possibilities!!! I would use washi on everything…especially my cards and scrappy pages…oh, and project LIfe!!!! Thanks for always showing the coolest stuff!!!

  13. How clever Joy, I would never have thought to use it on a magnet!!!
    I can see endless possibilities, but especially my cards, layouts and Project Life 🙂
    What a super fun collection of washi tape they have!!!!!!

  14. I would use washi tape to dress up locker mirrors that are usually just a plain color. My daughters would use it to decorate their binders and when they get tired of the design, they can remove the tape and use a different pattern.

  15. beckyfisch says:

    I love to use Washi Tape on my cards and layouts! I never even thought of using them for magnets though. There are so many possibilities! Thanks for the chance to win. Freckled Fawn has some super cute tapes. 🙂

  16. angelachamness says:

    I have not tried wahi tape but would love to!! I would use it on my cards and scrapbook layouts!! I would like to try it out on anything I alter!!

  17. Looks like you can have lots of fun with washi tape. Lots of projects now that school starting & the holidays are around the corner 🙂

  18. I’ve only recently heard about washi tape and now I must get some! Hopefully I win again bc last time I won super joy loves her friends, I never received my gift :0( Super joy you are so awesome!

  19. debbajean says:

    What a great idea….I love your blog, it gives me so much needed inspiration!!!

  20. Wow I like this idea of making magnets! Thanks for the giveaway! Washi tape would make for lovely borders, frames, ribbon substitutes, etc. on a card!

  21. Renee King says:

    I have just a few rolls of the Washi tape and so far I love it! I need some more designs in it! I have used it on cards and memory files. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. OM goodness, I love this tape. Lets see I would make some scrapbooking pages and make some cards for my daughter (she’s a teacher and sends cards all the time). I have a box I want to use in my scraproom and I would decorate it. Oh and make some halloween decorations, it’s coming soon. Thank you for the chance, I hope I win.

  23. OH Joy of Joys! What a cool project and picture of you and super hubby! I just get the biggest kick out of your blog! It makes me Super Happy! I have yet to own any of those tapes yet either or a cricket. But….I’m working on it. I do it the older way with a Big Shot by Sizzix. I must own a little bit of everything else under the Super Sun though! Thank you for sharing your Super Self with your Super Friends! You Super ROCK!!

  24. I just love your projects! You have such creative ideas, I never thought of using magnet material in the cricut. Haven’t used the tape yet, been dying to try it

  25. I have seen these tapes on everyone’s blog but have not gotten any yet. I have seen some great ways to use them on layouts that I would like to try

  26. I had never seen it used this way, what a great idea. I’ve only used it instead of ribbon on a card. What a great picture of you guys!

  27. I just got engaged a few months ago so this washi tape would definitely come in handy for our wedding and bridal shower decorations!

  28. I just love your projects! You have such creative ideas, everyday I look on you blog to see whats new with you.
    Washi tape is something I don’t have in my craft room. Thanks for the chance to WIN!
    [email protected]

  29. I just started collecting washi tape and can’t wait to play with it! The magnet idea sounds like so much fun. I will definitely try it out! Also, I plan to make cards and embellish my layouts with it! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Julie L.

  30. I don’t have any washi tape yet and I have millions of ideas. The first idea would be to create a background underneath a die cut image(a heart maybe) and pop that layer up on foam tape.

  31. Jeannette Butler says:

    While I’ve HEARD about Washi tape, I’ve never touched it or worked with it. I would LOVE to learn how to use it though! I have a grandson and a granddaughter that I’m making scrapbooks for plus doing my son’s graduation from Air Force Basic Training AND my younger daughter’s wedding albums! I’m sure I could put all of it to good use somewhere!!! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and expertise on your website, in DVD and on Facebook!

  32. I haven’t tried it yet but how about jazzing up paper clips or holding close little (candy) gift bags. Of course I use washi tape in my smash book and holding sweet notes to hubby in his lunch box. I never thought to stamp on it. What a great idea, thanks Super Joy. Thanks for the chance to win $25 gift card. Kim B.

  33. wilsonarts says:

    I have yet to purchase and try Washi tape, but I’m sure it would be a great addition to my cards or scrapbook layouts. Thanks for sharing!

  34. LOL I got married, kids and then i finished school. I love the family picture and look how beautiful you are. Awesome tip. I just saw your video on the bags and I love that too. Thanks so much for the many tips.

  35. Washi tape is so much fun to use. I love to use it on cards mainly. It is also cute to make little mini pennants with it too. I only have a few rolls, so it would be fun to add more to my collection. I will be trying the magnet idea. Thanks!

  36. I love the versitality of washi tape. I love using it to create banners on cards and to stick down ideas in my Smash book! Your idea is cute but I’m just not a moustache kind of girl.

  37. what a fun project!!!!!
    I haven’t tried the magnets on my Cricut yet, and I have some just layin around….
    it would be fun to scrapbook and make cards with some washi tape
    I would definitely youtube it…I think I have even seen flowers made with this tape…
    fun fun fun
    thank you for the chance to win

  38. ladybugCarrie says:

    What a super great idea! I have never used washi tape, so the possibilities are endless! Would love to use it on my cards and projects and of course make some magnets! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  39. I haven’t had the chance to use Washi Tape yet but I am going to get some this weekend. I plan on using it on cards. Thanks for the chance to win this blog candy.

  40. CathyinMN says:

    Cute magnets! I wouldn’t have thought of using Washi tape on magnets — you do think of such unique things. Thanks so much for the chance to win! If I had Washi tape, I would use it for background interest on cards and scrapbook layouts, or as a border on one or more sides of cards and/or layouts.

  41. KSilvia2007 says:

    Awesome idea! That tape is so addictive! I was thinking of using it to cover the wood frame of a corkboard instead of painting it. Love how it’s so easy to peel off and restick!

  42. I’be never used Washi tape but I’ve seen some beautiful things on pinterest. I think I would start using it on cards.

  43. I have yet to use Washi tape but I’d love to use it in mixed media or altering other items.

  44. Nichole C says:

    I have never used and only recently heard of Washi tape. I think it would be great to use on cards. I try to make all my personal cards during the year and I am always looking for new ways to decorate and make them special. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. I have yet to try using washi tape, but I’m loving all the project ideas I’m seeing with it. I want to learn to make more layouts and I see that using Washi Tape gives them that extra flair. So I would use them on a lot of layouts and my Smash books. Smooches…

  46. sbmmhoover says:

    I loooooooooove washi tape! It is so fun to add it to my envelopes (to close them and for fun decorations)….I can’t wait to get some of that woodgrain tape!
    THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  47. shoespink says:

    I love washi tape I will be using it on my layouts & cards.
    Thank you for all of your FUN hard work.

  48. lewistruth says:

    Those are really pretty tapes!! Would make beautiful cards!

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