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Two Photo Editing Apps I Love – A Beautiful Mess & Rhonna Designs

These photo editing apps can be used with a variety of social media as well as for printing.  I’m just discussing how I use them on Instagram.

I love Instagram.  You know why?  Because it can showcase the beauty or uniqueness of something tiny that might otherwise go unnoticed or unappreciated.  It gives your eye and your mind a way to share important things as YOU see them.

#Hydrangea bloom in my yard #Joyslife #Instagram

It can simply be a way to share pictures of your family, friends and pets or it can be another artistic outlet.  It’s a canvas for what you see.

#Saban in the yard #Joyslife #Instagram #EnglishMastiff #puppy

That being said, sometimes you might want to edit your photos or add special effects.

Sleeping cat and #EnglishMastiff #puppy #Joyslife #Instagram #EnglishMastiff #puppy #tuxedocat

Sometimes things could use a little explanation…like this.

#Saban tearing up the wall #Joyslife #Instagram #EnglishMastiff #puppy

It’s also nice to be able to tell a whole story by creating a collage.  Here’s my view of New Years Day…morning.

The Morning After #NewYearsDay #2014 #EnglishMastiff #puppy #Joyslife #Instagram

So for all of those photos…and more, here are the two photo editing apps that I bought, like and suggest!

Two Photo Editing Apps I Love #ABeautifulMess #RhonnaDesigns #App #Technology

You’ll be happy to know that both apps are available in the Itunes store AND Google Play!  

I think the Rhonna Designs App is super pretty.  It has a lot of nice options that you can read about in the app stores.  Though I like, admire and own it on both my Apple and Android devices, I don’t use it very much.  I really don’t know why.  I just find myself using the A Beautiful Mess App more.  I will admit that I have experienced many app crashes using the A Beautiful Mess App.  It still doesn’t deter me from using it but it’s worth mentioning.  You should check out both apps and see which one best fits your needs…or be like me and get them both.  LOL!

Rhonna Designs AppItunes StoreGoogle Play

A Beautiful Mess AppItunes StoreGoogle Play

Here’s another awesome app I LOVE!!  Here’s something cool…how to change fonts on your Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4.

My Cartridge Checklist App #Cricut #CartridgeChecklist #App #Joyslife

I have an app too!  If you have Cricut cartridges check out the My Cartridge Checklist App.  Sorry Apple friends, it’s only available in Google Play.  It’s Free!  *** NOTE: The list is updated regularly so be sure to use the “Update Checklist” menu option (use your device’s menu button).

This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I just like these apps and wanted to share them with you!

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