How to Replace Your Phone for Less

How to Replace Your Phone for Less #BuySmarter ad

I would just say, “Boys!” after looking at these phones, one with a broken camera, the other one completely smashed, but the truth is, it could happen to anyone. These, however, really were boy accidents. I have to say, my kids have always taken care of the things they’ve been given. They’re grateful for them too and I appreciate that. What is tough to deal with is the expense of a broken phone…or two…no matter how sincerely apologetic the phone destroyers are. I will say that I think a dark cloud hovers over my oldest son just waiting for a chance to attack his phone with some bad mojo…or make him forget he has it in his pocket when he jumps into the pool.  Sigh.  I hesitate to even make the claim that nothing has ever happened to one of MY phones because honestly, that’s just luck.  So, learning how to replace your phone for less might resonate with you as much as it did with me.

How to Replace Your Phone for Less #BuySmarter ad

Yes, this is my son’s actual phone.  Sad.

First, don’t rush right out and buy a brand new phone.  I know that little Johnny needs a phone for you to feel safe and know if he’s safe.  You can hear from him if he needs you and check up on him when you need to.  Well, that’s how I feel anyway.  My boys are busy with school and sports and everyone is often off in a different direction.  My daughter is even away at college.  So, knowing that we can connect when we need to is important to me!  That’s where we’re over a barrel though, right?  Costs of replacements are steep and new smartphones are expensive.

How to Replace Your Phone for Less #BuySmarter ad

I say, save yourself a pocket and headache and replace those phones by buying a certified pre-owned device from Gazelle.  Let’s face it, kids don’t need the ‘latest and greatest’ technology and you can save as much as 40% off retail value buying a certified pre-owned one.  What a deal!  Seriously.  I mean, it’s particularly good if that kid is just going to be apologizing again soon for the next rain cloud phone accident, right?  Check out all of their certified phones here.

Gazelle is the only used gadget provider to offer a rigorous 30+-point inspection on all devices and back every transaction with a 30-day money back guarantee. Buying a used device from Gazelle is easier than buying from a wireless carrier – no contracts and no strings attached. After all, it’s in Gazelle’s lifeblood to provide a great customer experience.

They have all kinds of smart devices to choose from too like: iPhone, iPadSamsung and a great page for helping you choose the best smart device for kids too!

Even more great news is that you can sell your old devices back to Gazelle!  Ok, not the phone that I have that’s shattered and worthless but if you’ve got some that work you could save even more off that new to you (or your kids) phone!  I’ve been selling my old devices to Gazelle for years and highly suggest you try that out!

Here’s a great coupon to save you even more money!

Here’s a great offer for my readers:   You will receive $10 off when you purchase a device on the Gazelle website! The $10 will automatically be applied to your cart when you click my link!

Are you looking for a phone soon?  Tell me your broken phone story!

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  1. or you can buy a replacement screen on ebay for even less and replace it yourself with youtube tutorial 😉
    broke my new iphone 2 days after receiving it [2nd hand so no guarantee] and that’s what i did and had that phone for another 3 years after that untill i simply upgraded 😉

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