SEI Simply Amazing Pillow Box


SEI Simply Amazing Pillow Box #SEI #PillowBox #crafts

I like it when things are lovely and simple.  This box is a perfect example of what I mean.  There’s a lot of texture but it all works together so well.  It is rustic-romantic as well as classy and simple.

SEI Simply Amazing Pillow Box #SEI #PillowBox #crafts

I’m using these awesome and HUGE corrugated pillow boxes by SEI.  Wait until you see how much they can hold!  The green sequined ribbon is from their Azalea sundries.  The “Simply Amazing” piece is from the Pembroke Kraft Chips.  I also used those in this post.  That beautiful twill ribbon is from the SEI Pembroke Twill and Twine pack.  I recently used it on this mason jar.

SEI Simply Amazing Pillow Box #SEI #PillowBox #crafts

Just to give you an idea of what these pillow boxes can hold, I placed this SEI Silver Washi Tape along with this Washi 2 pack inside the box.

SEI Simply Amazing Pillow Box #SEI #PillowBox #crafts

They fit AND it still closed!  This would make a great gift for your crafty friends.  It doesn’t have to hold Washi tape though.  You could add any kind of small gift.  Feel free to fill mine with doughnut holes or a doughnut gift card…I’m flexible. 😉  (Yep.  That’s my arm in the photo!  I get a lot of questions about that red band on my arm.  It’s my Fitbit.  I’m trying to get fit!)

SEI Simply Amazing Pillow Box #SEI #PillowBox #crafts

Once you have all your treats and goodies inside, simply glue or tape the ribbon around the box.  Pop dot up the Kraft chip of your choice and you’re ready for gift giving!  You can see all of my SEI projects here (on my blog) or here (on Pinterest).

SEI Design Team

I wrote this post while participating as a member of the SEI Design Team.

Keep it Crafty, My Friends!

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  1. Blue Rose says:

    Amazing is right. Wow, it looks great, and it’s all ready-made, wow. At first glance I thought you had used dies, but I’m impressed with the products. Especially because it is easy-peasy. Good job.

    1. Blue Rose, I really love their products. It’s nice to have something on hand so you can create the gift box you need but add nice touches that make it specific to the person or occasion. I’m never disappointed with SEI’s products. I am on their Design Team but long before that, I used to belong to all of their clubs. At every Scrapbook Expo or Creating Keepsakes Convention, I would never miss their booth. 🙂

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