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Runner Jogger Side Stair Step Card Tutorial – Inspired by Blog Hop

This blog hop focuses on creating a project from an inspirational photo.  Don’t forget to hop over to the other blogs at the end of this post!

Running Inspired Side Stair Step Card at www.joyslife.comThe stamp I used is from one of my new sets “My Hero“!

Inspiration can come from so many places that it can be difficult to narrow down to a single source.  I believe that religion, nature, the arts, books and people can all be sources of inspiring moments of small, medium and/or life changing impact.  I find myself deeply inspired by daffodils every year when they break through the late winter earth and announce that spring, with all its hopefulness, is just around the corner.  I had every intention of doing a project about daffodils.  Then I realized that I had lost the photo that I’d taken and all our daffodils have come and gone.  Then I saw this photo of Amanda and knew I wanted to use it as my “Inspired by” creation.

Amanda in a mud run. Awesome!

Amanda used to be on the Joy’s Life Design Team, that’s how I met her.   I’ve seen her go from just a little run to longer runs and competition.  There seems to be such freedom and joy in strapping on a pair of shoes and taking off.  You can certainly see that freedom, power and glee in this photo.  To me this photo says, “You can do it.”  I don’t know if Amanda won her mud run, but she sure looks like a winner to me.  You go girl!  Stay inspired!  You can visit Amanda at her blog here.

This is part of my crafty process:

How to Make a Side Stair Step Card

Running Inspired Side Stair Step Card at www.joyslife.com

Isn’t this card cool?  I love fun folds!  Here’s how you make it:

  • Use a 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ piece of paper (cut an 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper in half)
  • Cut a line starting 3″ in from a 5-1/2″ long side of the paper.  Start the cut at 2″ and cut to 7-1/2″.
  • Score at 4-1/4″ on the widest (3″) side to the cut line
  • On the more narrow side score from the cut line at 2″, 4″, 5-1/4″, 6-1/2″ and 7-1/2″.
  • Fold the 4-1/4″ score mark out, to form a mountain
  • Fold the 2″ mark out like a mountain, 4″ mark in like a valley, 5-1/4″ mountain fold, 6-1/2″ valley fold and 7-1/2″ mountain fold.

One thing about side stair step cards is that you can easily change that big area, where I have the tallest runner, simply by making your cut line as near or far from the edge as you’d like it.  It doesn’t affect the card at all.  So, make that part fit your needs.

Here are some other card fold tutorial posts.

Free Runner .SVG

Would you like to use that awesome runner svg that I used?  No problemo.  I got it for free from SVGCuts.com.  You can too.  Click here for the free runner.

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My Hero stamp set at www.joyslife.com

Be sure to check out the three newly announced sets of stamps here!  Don’t miss the great bundle deals for money savings!

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Have a great day!

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  1. What an awesome inspiration photo!! I am sure Amanda would be honored to find she has given you inspiration!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your GREAT card and steps in creating it!
    Have a GREAT weekend!
    [email protected]

  2. You know this broad likes a good step card and I am loving your step card!! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Deb C
    aka bugjuiced not to be confused with beetlejuice

  3. Fabulous card!! LOVE the runner!!

  4. Great card! I am inspired by nature and store ads/displays.

  5. cutie jensen says:

    This is so awesome!!! I love how you did your side step card. It has such a 3D effect to it. 🙂

  6. jennyplace26 says:

    What a fun card! I cannot image running a block let alone a marathon in the mud. What a great inspiration photo and you did a fabulous job on creating the setting! But of course you rock with all your projects! Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh I just LOVE this card Joy!! The placement and sizing of the runner so she looks like she is running down a trail is genius!! Thanks for sharing your process too, mine is not quite so elaborate!! 🙂
    You have definitely inspired me today!!!!

  8. Joydee1963 says:

    Hey Joy,Great card!!! your daughter looks just like you,Going to hop!! Joy

  9. staceyscreativecorner says:

    What a great card Joy!! I love step cards and I love how you arranged the runners on this one!

  10. junkiesdelight says:

    This runner will come in handy for the Lupus walk poster.

  11. Thanks for sharing this great card! Love how you cut the runner in different sizes making it look like she’s on a journey. Great idea and definately inspirational!

  12. Joy, this is a great card! Thank you so much for the instructions on how to make the Side Step Card. I have not tried one of those as of yet, but I will for sure now! I love your inspirational photo as well as the beautiful card! Perfect sentiment stamp for it too!
    Happy Easter!

  13. what an awesome creation… love all the details…


  14. Love this card. I might make some for the ladies participating in our weight loss challenge. I get inspired by seeing people do things that I don’t think should be possible. If they can do it then so can I!!!

  15. I love this card! A friend of mine has recently started running and I’m always looking for ways to encourage her! Thank you for sharing this fantastic idea! It’s definitely on my project list!

  16. Wow, very cool card Joy! great design for your theme!!
    Definitely inspirational!
    hugs & blessings

  17. Laura Tatsch says:

    Joy, I love this card! Super cute file too!

  18. OMG, I just love this card Joy!!! Plus, I fell so honored that you chose my picture as your inspiration for your project..

    Scrappy hugs,
    Amanda :0)

  19. Great card! Crafts really inspire me! I can find ideas everywhere!

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