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Peppermint Candy Tag with XXL Glue Dots

Cute enough to eat…but…um…don’t eat it.

Add some sweet fun to a gift by adding a peppermint candy gift tag!  You’ll need XXL Glue Dots, scissors, red glitter or embossing powder, a plastic snack bag, white cardstock, a 2″ paper punch, a marker and some ribbon or twine.

Draw a Template on the XXL Glue Dot

If you need a guideline for cutting out your peppermint use a permanent marker to draw onto the plastic sheeting that covers the XXL Glue Dot®.  Cut along your guidelines.

Trace, Cut and Peel

Carefully peel the plastic away from the Glue Dot®.  Stick the Glue Dot to white paper.

Cover with glitter or embossing powder.

Remove the top layer of plastic from the Glue Dot® and add glitter or embossing powder.

Heat Embossed XXL Glue Dot

In this project, I added red embossing powder and heat embossed it.  Isn’t is cool that you can heat emboss a Glue Dot?  Woo hoo!

Punch out the Glue Dot!

Using a 2″ paper punch, punch out the peppermint.  Cut the top off of a plastic snack bag and put the peppermint inside it.

Using All Around Sentiments and a circle paper punch!

To make a quick tag, punch out another 2″ circle and add a stamped sentiment or handwrite a sentiment.  I’m using Joy’s Life All Around Sentiments stamps.  They are made to work with 1″ and 1-1/2″ circle punches, as well as larger circle punches.

Cut it, Cover it & Tie it

Cut the top off of a plastic snack back.  Pun the peppermint piece inside the bag.  Center your peppermint piece and fold the bag over it, closing it in the back.

Apply another XXL Glue Dot® over the closed bag covering the area where the peppermint piece is located.  Stick the 2″ stamped circle to the XXL Glue Dot®.  Tie the ends of the bag with ribbon or twine.  You have a super sweet looking peppermint tag!

I wrote this post while participating on the Glue Dots design team.

A day of crafting is MINT to be!

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  1. Well who knew you could heat emboss a glue dot??? Well, I guess YOU knew! LOL! Such a sweet tag Joy. I love how you wrapped it all up in the cellophane and tied with the twine… too cute!!

  2. Such a cute way to make a little peppermint to dress up a holiday project!! Super tutorial!!!
    Deb C

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