My Crazy Weather Travels in May

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May has been a wacky travel month for me.  I’ve had a great time, it’s just been weird with unpredictable weather.  Did you see any of the sudden flooding in Atlanta a few days ago?  That was some crazy stuff!  My husband and I went away for the weekend to Savannah, Georgia and escaped the worst of it, thankfully.  That being said, check out how drastically it changed on our drive home!  Seriously.  This was our morning on Sunday:

My Crazy Weather Travels in May = Get Good Tires #DareToCompare #ad #travel #vacation

and this was our afternoon driving back to Atlanta.

My Crazy Weather Travels in May = Get Good Tires #DareToCompare #ad #travel #vacation

Luckily, our daughter let us know that the downtown connector was flooded, so we steered clear of that but good grief!  We just kept repeating how glad we were that we had just put four new tires on my car.  I was thankful, thankful, thankful!

My Crazy Weather Travels in May = Get Good Tires #DareToCompare #ad #travel #vacation

You can’t always be sure what the weather will bring, but you can prepare and keep safe with good tires.  It’s so important!

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So be sure to check them out when you’re getting all set for those summer trips!  I’m getting everything ready for a super fun family road trip soon and I can’t wait!

Now, let me tell you what happened during my May trip to Colorado!

I live in the South but took a trip to beautiful Colorado with my daughter a few weeks ago, in May!

That’s when our day went from this:

My Crazy Weather Travels in May = Get Good Tires #DareToCompare #ad #travel #vacation #colorado #coloradosprings #gardenofthegods

To this:

My Crazy Weather Travels in May = Get Good Tires #DareToCompare #ad #travel #vacation #colorado #coloradosprings

What does this Southerner know about driving in snow and ice?  Um…nothing!  I learned though, because it started with a little rain while we were going to our hotel, then I said, “What is that?”  Answer?  Ice.  It went from rain to ice.  Later, it snowed.  This was May!!  So, what I learned was to drive slowly, try not to panic and have good tires. We’re the white Durango in the front.  I have a Durango at home and it would probably drive to a warmer state by itself if it ever saw this much cold.  LOL!

It’s a good day to fly! A photo posted by Joy (@joyjoyslife) on

This was my morning in Atlanta.  Hours later I was iced in at my hotel in Colorado.  The next day, gorgeous!

There’s such a great vibe at the Pearl Street Mall! #Boulder #Colorado #pearlstreetmall

A photo posted by Joy (@joyjoyslife) on

All this taught me was to be prepared!  Good tires are one less thing to worry about during your summer travels, because you never know when the unexpected might happen.  (Like you find your Southern self in snow, when back home it’s 90 degrees.)

My Crazy Weather Travels in May = Get Good Tires #DareToCompare #ad #travel #vacation

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