Inexpensive Sugar Dispenser As Twine Container

Hey Sugar, It's me Twine!

I love this simple twine storage!  I had been keeping my twine in a plastic box but that had become unwieldy as I accumulated more twine and needed to get to it.  I remembered reading that sugar dispensers would make great twine storage and wonder why I waited so long to give it a try.  It works great!

$1 Each for these great twine dispensers!

The greatest thing about this functional storage is the cost.  I bought these sugar dispensers from the Dollar Tree.  Say what?  Yeah!  One dollar each!  If you don’t have a store near you, you can buy them online.  Onine they are only sold by the case but if you don’t need quite that many consider splitting them with a friend.  Here’s a link to them at the Dollar Tree online.

I'm twine to get my craft supplies organized. Twine. LOL!

What I like about this storage method is that I can keep my twine out where I can see it.  Seeing the twine peeking out of the lid and through the glass makes it simple to tell which colors I have available.  It’s also easy to pull out the amount of twine I need without it rolling away.  The sugar dispenser keeps out dust, cats and some tiny peeps.  Well, tiny peeps will get into things no matter what, so let’s instead concentrate on function, price and how cute it is!  LOL!

When I was paying for my sugar dispensers the cashier said, “You must own a restaurant.”  LOL!

I hope your day is sweet!

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  1. coleybelle says:

    Great idea! Just saw these yesterday at the Dollar Tree!

    1. Woo hoo, Coleybelle! I bet I know where you are headed for some quick shopping. 😉

  2. NanetteMT says:

    What a cute idea! Almost makes me want to go out and buy big rolls of twine just to use this idea…lol! I’m going to “pin” the idea for future use. TFS!

    1. Thank you, NanetteMT & Krafty Kim!

  3. Krafty Kim says:

    Sweet storage! Thanks for trying it out for us! I only have small amounts of baker’s twine, but will keep this in mind if I decide to splurge on a big roll.

  4. love this idea! Where would I find big rolls of baker’s twine? Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. love it! Joy, where do you buy your big twine spools?

  6. Great idea and I love the price! You are also too funny twine to get organized! LOL!

  7. lewistruth says:

    Great idea!! I LOVE organizational ideas that entice you with your treasures!!

  8. This is a great idea. Where do you buy your twine? I bought some but the spools were too fat to fit in the jars. Good thing I was planning on sharing with friends. By the time I was done spooling off what I was giving away they finally did fit. For the small amounts of twine that I gave away to friends, I wound it around a straw that I cut to length and then bought the cheap salt and pepper shakers at the dollar store and then stuck the end through one of the holes. They loved it and it won’t get tangled that way. Looks real cute too.
    cstephenson at q dot com

  9. harleychickx2 says:

    Can you share some examples of your usage of twine? Is there somewhere I can click?

  10. ChelleBelle says:

    What a FAB idea!! Need something like this for ribbon!

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