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Hershey Halloween Nugget Candy Boxes with Lettering Delights

Make Cute Containers & Wrappers for Hershey Nugget Candy

Halloween is creeping up on us quicker than Ghost Face from Scream BUT there IS still time to make some special treats for the occasion.  These are made easier because they are print and cut.  Need Halloween stamps?  Check out Joy’s Life Halloween Puns!  That’s what I’m using today.  Check them out in the Joy’s Life Store!

Print & Cut = Fast & Easy!

I’m using the Lettering Delights Frankly Friends Cut It Set, Graphic Set, Paper Pack and the Simple Match Boxes set.  To make the wrappers fit around Hershey’s Nugget Candy, size your labels at 1″ wide x 3″ long.

Here’s How to Print & Cut with the Silhouette Cameo: Written Version OR in Amazing Video!

Scoring the paper gives it a nicer fold.

Score the wrappers at 3/4″ and 2-1/2″.  I’m using the Martha Stewart Mini Score Board.  It’s great for working on smaller things.

Joy's Life Label

After you’ve scored the wrappers, just wrap them around the Hershey Nugget candy and glue them down.  I’m using my ATG gun for this but any strong adhesive is fine.

Joy's Life Hershey Nugget Candy Boxes

Putting the Lettering Delights Match Boxes together is easy.  I cut them at the size they imported into my software and they were able to fit 2 of the candies each.  I’m using Hook & Loop fasteners by Tombow to close my match boxes.

All of the stamps come from the Joy’s Life Halloween Puns stamp set.  I love how the fun messages are revealed when the candy is removed.

Both of my boxes look the same on the outside.  I wanted to be able to show you a nice shot of both of them but I must have moved each time I took a shot of the mummy ones because every photo I took was blurred.  LOL!  Hey, sometimes that’s how it goes, right?

Have a Howl of a good day!

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  1. Susan Miller says:

    These are super cute!

    1. Thank you, Jaren! I’m so glad you like my stamps too! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Joanna! Happy HOWLoween!

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