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Hello Kitty Cricut Halloween Bat Card & Gypsy Tips

This is the 2nd to last post of the 31 Halloween and Fall posts for October!  I hope you enjoy learning some Gypsy tips and watching me make this card using the Hello Kitty Greeting Cricut cartridge. 😀  Have a super Saturday!

SEE YOU TOMORROW for the last Post of the 31 Days of October!

At the end of October, I will pick 5 winners who’ve left a comment on any non-give away post on Joy’s Life during the month of October. Those 5 winners will win some crafty surprises. So, you can leave a comment on all the give away posts AND on non Give Away posts and still have a chance to win!

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  1. I see I really do need the Gypsy, I tried to tell myself I can get by without it… but I dont think I can.
    Thanks for the video, and cute project. Love the Hello Kitty cartridges.

  2. Yay! Joy, another great video!! Love the guest on your video, I want him!!! The card came out soo cute, now I going to have to make one. Thank you so much for all the step by steps. Very helpful. I hope you have a Fun and safe Halloween!!!

  3. Oh my gosh Joy…this little card is adorable!
    Wish I had the Hello Kitty Cartridge.
    I’m really enjoying your blog and videos.
    I have a Gypsy but am not very “proficient” at it…and you are making me want to learn & use it more!
    Thanks…and Happy Halloween!

  4. Cute card! I think the sticl\kles really finshed it off. Very nice. Thanks for sharing, really liked the video. Cindy

  5. You are soooooo funny Joy. I get a kick out of you all the time. I really love this card . Thanks for all of the info on using the gypsy. I ended up ordering the Happy Hauntings cartridge because of all of the ideas you came up with it. Happy Halloween!!!!!

  6. I love watching your videos. You have a great sense of humor. The Hello Kitty card is adorable! Have a fun Halloween with your family.

  7. This has been so fun Joy. So sad that October is almost over 🙁 Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  8. I just can’t thank you enough for all your tips and techniques…I have learned so much from you this month! Have a Happy Halloween!
    thomfam at inreach dot com

  9. Thats really cool how you had just the back layer with image and the front with the wording. I am gonna have to try this sometime!!!

  10. I love watching your videos Joy! You teach us great information in a fun way…never boring! Love that bat card! So cute! Great job! I am sorry our 31 days have come to an end! 🙁 But, I’m eager to see what else is to come for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

  11. Joy,
    You are such a hoot! I love this card, I think it is spooky cute. Thanks for the info on the Gypsy, I just got mine on Thursday and I am still learning.
    I LOVED the ending of the video. LOL
    Thanks so much

  12. Joy Im loving your videos – they are ez to understand and cant wait to RE watch them when I get my gypsy! I shared your website yesterday with the girls at work and we all put spiders in our pruell bottles. I totaly gave you credit and told them to check out your entire blogg because you are FABULOUS!
    Thanksfor all you do!~

    1. Kacee,
      That’s awesome! I love that you and the girls at work put spiders on your Pruell bottles. HOW FUN! Welcome to them! Hi Girls!! 😀

  13. You won’t believe this but I gave this card to my DD last year for Christmas but guess who borrowed it and has forgotten to give it back? …….ummmm – ME! It is such a cute cart and can be used for ever season. TFS all your October creations.

  14. Our Daycare party was awesome because of all of your ideas for the month. I continue to learn so much from you! We had all of the food you made and some of the decorations! You have also taught me so much about my Gypsy!

  15. Super cute – love how only the bottom opens so you can still see the bat! I’m definitely trying this idea – thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Cute card and another great idea for using my Hello Kitty Cartridge!!
    Still debating about the Gypsy! Think I’ll wait a little longer–the price keeps dropping!! LOL!

  17. I love your videos! Thanks for your tips on the Gypsy. I just got mine, so I’m just devouring everything I can get my hands on!!

  18. Your card is CUTE! And I didn’t know that you could hide the other layers on your Gypsy! Sooo glad I watched this video…. Now I’m gonna have to go play with mine some more to try it out! I’m learning soo much from you JOY! THANKS! Have a HAPPY and SAFE HALLOWEEN! 🙂

  19. Super cute card!! I think I need that Hello Kitty cart now 🙂 Thanks for sharing your tips and for this awesome month of great projects!!

  20. Very cute card! I like the unique shape of it. The vinyl looks great too! Thanks for all the posts this month. I can’t imagine how much work it takes to put it all together! ( I have trouble posting something once a month!!) Have a great Halloween!

  21. What a cute card!! I didn’t realize the Hello Kitty Cart was sooo cute. I may have to add that one to my wish list! Thanks for sharing!

  22. What an adorable card! This is my first time exploring your website (on the suggestion of a friend) and I’m hooked! Thanks for the great ideas and helpful information

    1. Welcome Imarryat!
      I’m glad you’re here and “thank you” to your friend for sending you. I hope you have a good time looking around! 🙂
      Have a great day!

  23. Very helpful information…Thanks! Thank You for the chance to win cool prizes.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  24. Joy I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos…you crack me up!!!!! Thank you for all you have done this month, It has been soooooo much fun,
    I love your little helper in the video,
    OH WOW I think I need to update my Gypsy…..I don’t have that eye to get hide the other pages….I think I saw you use that the other day, when I used My Gypsy today, I was like…did I dream that feature….now I see I didn’t, just need to update…LOL
    Happy Halloween!!!!

  25. hahahahahha I was laughing.. oh boy that walking monster was scary hahahha
    I love how you made Hello Kitty get out of the litterbox. hahahahhaha
    Good job on that card!

  26. LOVE IT!! I also love it when you use older carts that I sometimes forget about in the excitement of all of the new ones!! Thanks Joy!

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