Easy Floral Tealight Candles for Tablescapes and Parties – Glue Dots Design Team Post

Simple, pretty and inexpensive. Perfect soft lighting for Bridal Shower tables.

 This creation is as simple as store bought pie.  One thing I used to make it super easy are the new XXL Glue Dots.  Have you seen them?  They are huge!  They made this project even easier because they’re so big I was able to cover one whole side of my votive with a single XXL dot.  So cool!  The held this shabby chic ribbon well too.  Nice.

Just a few supplies and we're on our way!

This is everything I used:  lacey ribbon, votive candle holders, battery operated tealight candles and XXL Glue Dots®.

Whoa! That's a lot of Dot!

I told you those XXL Glue Dots® were big!  They still work the same though. 😉  I peeled the top layer off and stuck it to the votive, then I peeled away the cover layer.

More shots of Dots.

I just wanted to give you another look at the XXL Glue Dot®.  I think these are a very cool new addition to the Glue Dots® line.

Only use battery operated candles!

The directions for making this are so simple.  Stick an XXL Glue Dot® or two on your votive and wrap the ribbon around the votive until complete.  Just add a battery operated candle and you’re ready for the party!

Nice, pretty, simple and inexpensive.  Four of my favorite things.  LOL!

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® design team.

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  1. Those are sooo beautiful!!!

  2. These are beautiful and it appears to be an easy craft, that’s something a person (mom, maybe?) working on thousands of things for a wedding would need. 🙂

    Will you be coming out with a “windows” app for the cartridge list? Just hoping……

    Thanks for all you do and share.

  3. scrapper69 says:

    Those turned out so lovely! I like the whole idea of this and how simple it is to make! I hadn’t realized how BIG those dots are….. They look so HUGE! Nice to have LARGE dots for great projects like this one! :o)


  4. Holy moly! These Dots are HUGE!! LOVE them!! Can’t wait to be able to get some a play!! 🙂 Super cute candles!!

  5. Charlotte says:

    Joy, WOW!! These are just beautiful!! How easy this would be to do for a party. Love it. I have not seen the XXL Glue dots yet. Where did you find them?

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