Cricut Picturesque Cartridge AVAILABLE!!

Can you BELIEVE IT?!! They’re FINALLY releasing Picturesque!!! You can buy it now through, or wait to catch it somewhere cheaper (hopefully). 😉 (You can now buy Picturesque on Amazon!)Do you remember when this was part of a very short lived bundle that Home Depot carried? Yeah, I know…weird! Anyway, it came with what they were calling a “champagne” colored Cricut Expression. Honestly, I really liked that color, but it was only colored on the sides (where the regular ones are silver). Every other part of it was white. Yawn. LOL!

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  1. This is pretty * Actually just saw that “Champagne” cricut youre referring to , today at Michaels

    1. Wow RNR Angel, I’m surprised you saw it in Michael’s! 😮 That’s cool. I hope I see one in person. 😀

  2. I love this cart!! It’s the 1sy time I have ever seen it.. I’ll be watching for it on several sites…:o} TFS!!!!!

  3. I thought this was a great cart when I first saw it and then went for a search on eBay… then I lost interest. People were bidding over $100 for it! No way! I bet some of those bidders are gonna be kickin’ themselves now 🙁

  4. Hmmm, lots of temptation of late…very pretty. Thanks for the enabl…I mean head’s up!

  5. Oh my!!!!!!! This is absolutely my favorite cartridge. I have been in love with this one from day one. I need it.I have been trying to find out where I could get it. My husband says I should say , ‘it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside’. Love the border potential.

    1. KendraJ,
      You husband knows you so well! 😉 I love it when I find a favorite cartridge. I sing like Ariel from the Little Mermaid and hoist it above my head like Mufasa did in the Lion King. Yep. I have marched through the house with it making a spectacle out of myself. Sometimes the kids don’t even look up, they’ll say, “Let me guess, a new Cricut Cartridge?” then they usually add, “I thought you had them all.” To which I reply, “I wish!!”. 😀
      You should buy a little stand for Picturesque and put it in a prominent place in your house, LOL! 😀

  6. Hi
    Cricut is having a special on Picturesque! It’s been marked down to $59 with FREE shipping! I just bought one after going to the website on 3 different occasions over the last month. The first time I was so put off by the $79 price and $11 shipping that I just couldn’t pull the trigger. The second time the price went down to $59, but that $11 shipping still made me cringe! Just for kicks I went back today and saw FREE shipping… YAY… so I did it. I have NEVER paid more than $30 (plus small shipping charge) for a cartridge, except two days ago when I bought the Reminisce cart just announced in Partnership with Creative Memories. I do feel a little silly spending that much on a cart, but I have wanted Picturesque for so long I decided that I no longer have to consider it an impulse purchase. As for the Reminisce cart, yeh that was an impulse purchase, and now I have to go on a “cartridge diet”. No more new carts until mid to late Sept for me…

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