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Cricut Pumpkin Cake Toppers Using Gypsy

So, I made these cute little cake toppers … and then I forgot to use them!

I (again) waited until the last minute and made these for DS#2’s b’day.  I used my Gypsy to create the “decade” welding, but you could use Design Studio.  I’m just trying to find reasons to use my Gypsy, LOL.  These are cuter in person, but I did make mistakes in making them.  Like…Hello?  No ribbon in the hole on the “decade” topper?  What’s up with that?  You probably want to know what that brown thing is on the other topper too, huh?  Um…that would be a last minute fix.  I had that brown thing cut because I use them for address tags.  I had to wedge it between the two pumpkins (these toppers are double sided) because I forgot to flip the pumpkin over before I glued the “10” on it.  DORK!  So, the stems are going in 2 different directions.  Geeze.  I told you I needed to stop doing these things at the last minute.  Also, do you think the inking is just a bit heavy handed?  I think I do.

To Make These Toppers I Used:

Cricut Cartridge: A Child’s Year (font) & (pumpkins)
Ink: Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inkpad Chestnut Roan & Lime Pastel
Ribbon: Stampin’ Up Pumpkin Pie Grosgrain
Other: More Wooden Skewers stolen from DH’s BBQ stash
Jelly Roll pen in White…I made all those little polka dots myself. (and felt the need to put that in bold…so sad.)

So … What About Forgetting to Use the Cake Toppers?

Oh, I’m getting to that.

First, look at this cute cake DH made for DS#2!!  Isn’t he talented?!  So CUTE!!  You’d never guess my manly DH had a talent for cake decor.

Ok..that being shown let me explain that I came rushing into the kitchen to admire DH’s creation…and then I stuck the cake toppers over here.

I had to have that tangerine Kitchenaid Mixer.

Where they totally blended in to the similarly colored KitchenAid mixer I stuck them in.  And…that’s where they stayed…even after we sang “Happy Birthday”.  Arrrrggghhh!  So then I ran over and got them and stuck them in the cake.  I took photos of DS#2 with them and everyone did some totally exaggerated “ooohing” and “aaahhhing” over them until I was cracking up.  Believe it or not, the rest of the family (including extended) is as much of a goofball and ham as I am.  Scary, right?

Oh well, you can’t win them all, right?

Here’s a cake topper that I made that actually made it to the cake in time!

Next I’ll show you some fun Halloween food I’ve made!





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