Cricut Craft Room Free & Now Open to All

Cricut Craft Room

A lot of you have been waiting for the day the Cricut Craft Room would be open to everyone.  Well, this is it!  If you own a Cricut, you should go check it out.  It’s a place where you can design with any of the Cricut cartridges but you can only cut with the ones you own.  It’s pretty much the same as the Cricut Design Studio software or the Gypsy.  However, you’ll need Internet access.  It might not be the best fit for everyone especially if you have spotty or slow Internet service.  I still think it’s worth checking out though, don’t you?  The words FREE are very nice. 😉  I did some Beta testing on the Craft Room and thought it was a really nice addition for Cricut users.  Go see for yourself!  Then come back here and tell me what you think.  I’m really interested in hearing your opinions.  I’m not affiliated with Cricut/Provo Craft in any way, I just like chatting about their stuff.  😉

If you don’t know what Cricut Design Studio Software is here’s a link to it on Amazon.

Here’s a link to my Gypsy videos if you’d like to see the Gypsy in action.

Happy Cricuting!

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  1. May just be me but find it not as easy as my beloved gypsy plus you need a computer to design now I love my G because it is portable and basically a freebird. TFS

    1. Purplemel, I feel the same way about my Gypsy. 🙂 I love its portability. Just today I’ve taken it to four different locations in my house. I can’t do that with my desktop and don’t want to bother moving my laptop that much either. 😉 I even take the Gypsy to the hairdresser with me. I think it’s an great little creation!

  2. Will take some getting used to. Still prefer the Gypsy at the moment.

  3. mafiamama says:

    I really like the Craft room, I am using it more than my design studio. I really like the colored mat options for layering. I do not own a Gypsy so I cannot compare the two. I have just round across this website while searching for ideas for my new cupcake cartridge.

  4. I will have to check it out. I actually haven’t used my Design Studio in a long time because I have been using my MTC software the most. I’ve been having fun designing and cutting.

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