Cricut for the New User 2 of 5 and GIVE AWAY

Hey there!  I’m so glad you’re back. 😀  I had planned on doing a video showing you how to make your first cut, but I realized there was some other information you might need before we get to that.  So, here’s a video that tells you about the different Cricut cartridges, a few of my cartridge suggestions for new users and about Cricut mats.  Tomorrow we will start using the Cricut.  I promise!

Here’s a link to the storage box I use for seasonal cartridges that you see in the video: Cricut Cartridge Storage Box

Here’s a Very Helpful GIVE AWAY for the New Cricut User!!

It’s the new DVD “Cricut for Beginners”! If you don’t win it you can buy this DVD from Custom Crops.com (where you can also pick up Joy’s Life products) . Custom Crops has donated another DVD for one of you! Just leave a comment to be eligible to win. The winner will be chosen Jan 10, 2011 and listed on this post.

And the Winner Is:

2011/01/05 at 5:32 PM
I rec’d my Cricut expression last year, but haven’t used it a lot. I am planning on doing so now. Thanks for the helpful videos.

Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of 5 and a video tutorial!

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  1. I think your information and the DVD will be so helpful to both new users and current users! Thanks Joy!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  2. I just LOVE the sharing heart that you have ! Your creativity and willingness to share is an inspiration to use all !! THANKS JOY !!!
    Happy New Year Crafters !!

  3. Your videos and website are amazing! Thanks for all the valuable information! I’m new to Cricut. Was feeling very lost but now, am feeling I’m finding my way! Thanks!

  4. ty for sharing such great info i have had my cricut for sometime now and even now have the expression . And I even heard some great tips thanks for sharing.

  5. Great video Joy, cant wait to see the next one- I got an expression for Christmas but havent used it yet- I keep going back to the baby bug!

  6. Great video, good thing you pointed out the the Imagine cartridge can’t be used in other machines. When I store the Seasonal cartridge I keep the front and back cardboard so I have some picture reference. I punch a hole in the corner and attach a brad to keep it all together.

    Katsews at gmail dotcom

  7. Watching your video. I use the new mats with my expression. The sticky holds up somewhat better than on the reqular mats. I also have to remember to clean mats when I am done using them. Baby wipes clean off mats so nicely. Did not realize how much paper lint and cat hair (from Ms Be Be) can be on a mat.

  8. Thank You, Thank You….
    I really needed to know that I order the Cricut Essentials and it had the 6X12 mats so I was wondering how would I use them….Your information is so helpful….

  9. Oh How I wish you had these videos out when I purchased my Expression! The first cartridges I used are the Disney ones – and oh my gosh some of the pieces are TINY! At least I now have tweezers and all kinds of tools to help me with those little pieces!

  10. I am enjoying your videos. Thanks for helping us newbies out. Can’t wait to start making something. Just need to decide what.

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