Craft Storage Paper Part 1 Video

I’ve gotten many questions about how to store different craft items.  Well, I could tell you all about how they would be kept in the perfect craft room…not that I have that, but one can dream.  Instead, I’ll tell you about the craft room I have.  You know what?  It IS PERFECT…for me. 😉  Will it be showcased in a magazine?  No.  Not unless I become super famous one day and people hang on every word I say no matter how inane it is.  LOL!  I craft in a small area that I have made mine.  I LOVE IT, but I don’t have all the space in the world.  I do have a separate office that I share with Super DH.  I keep a lot of my supplies there and I usually blog from there, but I craft elsewhere.  Here’s a video about how I keep my scrap paper.  I hope you enjoy it and that it frees you from keeping every tiny scrap like I used to.  My mantra “Keep What You Love.”. 😀

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  1. Joy,
    I am so happy to see how you store your scraps. I used to be a little OCD with that and save everything, even the tiniest of pieces.
    But I have since grown up (a lit any way), and learned to throw them out or donate them
    Thanks for sharing

  2. christyjordan says:

    Maybe I am way too OCD but my scrap bin is a hanging folder file broken down by color. I do square things off, but sometimes when I am working on something, I’ll need a certain color and looking through a pile frustrates me. So I got a cheap hanging file box and can add to or subtract as my color scraps grow. Then I find what I need quick as a wink!

  3. Thanks for this video. I will now go through my scraps and throw away all those itty bitty pieces I thought I just had to keep. I do trim my scraps, those ragged edges are the pits. I have my scraps in an accordion file with just the basic colors and holidays. Now if I just had a way to sort my ribbons, hum!!!

  4. Throughout your video I said, “Yep, I do/did that” ha! I organized my scraps about a month ago and I did the same thing. There was so much that accumulated over the years that I felt as if they were “taking over”. So I cut them down and put them into 2 cropper hopper paper organizers – one for plain paper and one for printed. However, I like the idea of “donating”! I’ll remember that! Thanks, Joy!!!!

  5. My daughter cuts all mine down to size, she loves to use the trimmer. Thanks for ideas, now to get to work. Can’t wait for part 2.

  6. Thanks for the info I’m gonna organize my stuff this weekend.

  7. mom2gabman says:

    I’m going to have to cut my down to size. Right now I just throw it in a bin but when I’m looking for something it takes me forever because the papers get caught with each other. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Why do we always think we are the only one (to have storage problems). Makes me feel better to know we all have the same problems. Thanks for helping us out again.

  9. That’s pretty much how I work my paper scraps too, except, now I see that I need to let go of the little itty bitty pieces! As always, you put the Joy into enJOYed your video. They always make me smile! 🙂

    [email protected]

  10. Joy….we DO hang on to your every word!
    I save my paper based on the way you do…if it’s too small or don’t love it…get rid of it. I also go through and cut it down just like you do!!
    Thanks for sharing…give us more of your craft room tips!

  11. RachelMarie says:

    Love this! I needed some good ideas on how to store my scraps. 🙂

  12. While watching your super video I see my own mess of paper and the cut down and store idea is great. I liked your comment – don’t love the paper, love the project! Another tip I take away is giving paper to art teacher……great idea!

  13. I have one 12 x 12 paper box that I’ve designated as my “scrap” box. I’m like you, if it’s too little, throw it away…unless, of course, you can use it with punches…but not if it’s just way too small.

    I too keep some of the shapes I’ve cut for a project that I decided not to use in hopes of using it with another.

    Thanks for the input and videos.

  14. clairbear3 says:

    Great idea! I will have to go through and trim my papers down…I usually just throw them in a 12×12 bin that is only for scraps, they always get caught on each other…..

  15. Wow, we have a lot in common, I do mine the same way. I just don’t have any young children any more, so I can’t send mine to school…..the rest goes to the paper cemetery…lol

  16. Joy I am exactly like you I only keep what I think I will use again otherwise it either goes in the bin or in my god children’s play box.
    I don’t know about where you are but in the UK our paediatric hospital’s cry out for the die cut shapes that I saw you dismiss to the bin.
    Kim xXx

  17. sdpanther says:

    I keep a paper bag near by that I throw all the scraps and pieces I don’t want into. It also gets full of unwanted junk mail! when it gets full I toss the whole thing into the recycle bin. I do keep all the cut out shapes. If I don’t use them, the kids will… Oh and I also have a couple full sets of tags in each size, from my carts that I cut out and labeled with size and cart name. I stuffed them into protective sheets in a binder. It’s easier for me to pull them out to see what size I want, then to guess which size might be right..

  18. I do hang on your every word! LOL! Or atleast I read your blog first each morning – same thing right? I keep my scraps just like you – great minds….. 🙂 When I feel like they are overtaking me and because I don’t have any little ones in school, I donate them to someone who does or either to my church.

    In one of the comments above someone said she wished she could organize her ribbons. For mine, I use a LARGE plastic zip bag that my “bed in a bag” came in. It’s clear and I can see at a glance what I have or need.

  19. LOVED today’s video Joy! You are right! Don’t LOVE the paper LOVE the project…. But I can’t help it sometimes! 🙂
    I do have 2 bins.. (1) for Cardstock by color…. (2) Designer paper…. and Yes I’ve gotten to the point to throw the smallest pieces away…. where before I kept every stinkin’ piece… I still have issues with it…but with some therapy I’m sure I’ll overcome my paper hoarding/keeping/storing issues! HUGS! 🙂

  20. Thank you so much. Your videos help me feel a bit guilt free about throwing stuff away. I guess this weekend, after V-day cards are done, I will be trimming and throwing away.
    Look forward to Part 2.
    As always great job.

  21. Dawnmarie says:

    Thank you Joy for all your helpful ideas. It’s comfprting to know we all have the same “issues”.

  22. CathyinMN says:

    Thanks for sharing your paper scrap storage system with us. I still have to get over the idea that 1″ square is big enough to save — I’m a pack rat (and that’s not just for crafts, either).

  23. great tips Joy, I pretty much do the same, i have a pile I keep to the side, then when it gets a little to big, it is time to trim it up and pitch some of it, I did once try to seperate the patterned and the solids, but that didn’t last to long, they are all in one now….

  24. I have a box of scraps like that. I will have to go through it and cut them down to size also. Thanks for the tip

  25. finecrafter says:

    I have plenty of scraps and I like to cut them down and sort them by color. I also put papers from a particular pad together in a page protector. I can’t stand digging thru a pile! The only paper I hate to throw away, is Core’dinations, I just love that stuff. I’ll have to check with my kids’ school and see if they want some scraps because mine are piling up! Thanks for sharing how you do it.

  26. Glad I am not the only one with a mess. I could use you to help me right now. It is a disaster after making Valentines projects!

  27. Thanks for sharing your mess with us and the good ideas for saving the good pieces of paper. I’ve got one for you regarding the cut pieces you throw away. I bought a couple of large craft storage jars with wide mouths, drop the pieces into the jar and you’d be surprised how many of them you use over time. And they look pretty cute sitting around.
    [email protected]

  28. I keep my scraps in a accordian file by color, it really comes in handy when you are looking for certain color. Also I am not sure how old your children are, but as a Preschool teacher the scraps you away are GOLDEN. Most of us are required to have a collage bin and those are fantastic! If you have a Preschool around, make friends with one of the teachers, she will LOVE the scraps and shapes!

  29. I try to not keep too many scraps..if they are tiny..I dont’ keep them..thanks for the tips!
    thebowsersapril7 at yahoo dot com

  30. Hi Joy, I just watched your video. I pretty much do the same thing with my scraps, but I also TRY to organize them by color. Thanks for the video!!!!!!

  31. Thanks for sharing! I am minus a crafting room, so I forever struggle with space issues!

  32. Thanks for sharing! I am minus a crafting room, so I forever struggle with space issues! Messes are not an option too much! Great idea!

  33. Thanks for sharing this. I totally kept this in mind this weekend when I was crafting..

  34. Thanks for the video. I have tried to do this and need to stay up on it. I also keep my solid color scraps from my prints which I am not sure is a good idea. I have my cardstock separate from my printed paper also. I love all your videos and can’t wait for the next one. Congrats on one year!!!

    mjrick 1224 at yahoo dot com

  35. I have collected paper for several years before I ever bought an expression, some cut well, but others are too too thin, so I have elected to make envelopes with them, that way when I send a card or letter, when the envelope is opened (I try to coordinate when possible) it looks very pretty.

    As for the rest, it looks like I will have to harden my heart and cull the bunch down!!! :{


  36. Great video! I keep a lot of scraps and make most of my projects just out of scraps. When they start to get low then I go back to using new papers again.

  37. Great tips! I store all my solid color scraps (sorted by color) in stackable drawer bins. I also combine colors in a drawer so I only have a stack of 9 drawers. I usually keep the bigger scraps of pattern paper with the stack (this way I know what brand it is when I use it again). I like to keep the little pieces too because my 4 year old knows that she is allowed to craft with these scraps. She loves to use punches with them! But I do agree…. sometimes it’s just too small to keep, and it’s ok to throw it out! Thanks for sharing!

  38. jclaypoole says:

    I always give my 8 year old daughter my scraps so she can do her little projects. She loves it!

  39. What a great video…I am still using an open manilla file folder for my scraps, but it is becoming a little too full LOL. I love how your attitude with the leftovers is just like FlyLady 🙂 Give it someone else to love if you don’t love it anymore and it is just clutter. I have really started to throw away the ones that are too small, but I did a super reuse on a very small scrap to cut a bird embellishment for a project. I was so proud to get it to fit (with only slicing a bit off the tail feathers LOL! Thanks for the demo!

  40. MsOrganize says:

    Great video Joy. I use a wicker basket with my scraps sorted by size. Sometimes I also sort by color group if I’m watching something on TV with commercials. 🙂

  41. Joydee1963 says:

    Joy,Love the video,I do need to fix up the scrap bid,great ideas,Joy

  42. Scraps do have a way of piling up and nipping your creativity in the bud!!… I keep tiny pieces actually to use with punches, Nestabilities or small dies. On the days when my mojo is lacking, I get my pile of scrap out and punch out to my heart content (hearts, butterflies, flowers…), then I put all the little shapes and stuff in a little box. Next time I am looking for something for my current project it is easy enough to take a look in that box and see if there’s something I can re-use… Although it works fab in theory, it’s easy to forget about the box though, … LOL 😉

  43. amandawoodau says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am kind of like you in storing my paper. I used to keep everything and it got too crazy. I am doing a lot better now.

    amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

  44. You are sooo funny Joy…you are a Joy to hear…LOL…I know I’m Corney….but you just inspired me to look at my scrap bin and clean it out.



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