How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Home

We’re at that point in our house where we need new flooring, everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. We actually redid the laundry room recently. We’re pretty thrilled with the difference. The hardest part was finally making a choice about the kind of flooring we wanted to use. Is that ever your sticking point? Sometimes it’s hard to figure out, isn’t it? With so many options and ideas, it can be tough to whittle down to the best fit for the way you live. You really have to do a little homework and sluth out your own mysterious self. So, here are a few tips for choosing the right flooring for your rooms!

How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Rooms

Find home photos that inspire you!

img_3109Photo courtesy of Petite Modern Life

I’m so inspired by these gorgeous hallway floors. My house has carpet in the hallways and I want a change. I think this look would be perfect! It helps me when I can see before and after photos of changes. Does that helps you too? Check out the before photo below!

hallway-beforePhoto courtesy of Petite Modern Life

That change rocks! By looking at this before and after, I can tell that this change would work well in my own house.

laundry room floor

Speaking of my house, here’s our laundry room floor. We changed out the water logged lineoleum, after our washing machine overflowed, to tile. This room is still a work in progress.

beforeikeakitchenmakeoverPhoto courtesy of Joy Lynn

These wood floors are super pretty in this space, but Joy wanted a softer look in the living room and added some carpet after her renovation.

ikeakitchenmakeoverPhoto courtesy of Joy Lynn

First, what an awesome renovation, right? Second, Joy’s renovation makes a great point. You should ask yourself, which floors work best for which rooms? For Joy, and for this Joy too, carpet in my family room is something I really like.

When picking flooring you really have to think about how you live in your house. I have a 170 lb female English Mastiff and am looking to get a male soon too, so that’s a big consideration for me when I pick flooring. Shaw Floors offers the most durable, impact-resistant hardwood on the market, Epic+. Nice! Want to add some carpet to your room? Shaw also offers, Cut-A-Rug! It’s a custom rug program that allows you to create a rug uniquely perfect for you. You decide the style, the color, the border, the shape, and the size.

So, just because a certain floor might be best in one place, is it really the best in your place? For example, I turned an upstairs bedroom into my craft room. It has carpet in it, which is great for a bedroom, but not great for my various paint spills and glue drops. I’m thinking that I should replace the carpet. Shaw Floors has a resilient luxury vinyl floor, Floorte, that comes in a wide variety of wood, stone, and tile looks. That might be awesome!

Craft Room Flooring

Because I’m a crafter, I asked a few friends to share pictures of their craft room floors with me. I told you, I need inspiration! Let’s see what other people have on their craft room floors!

emmacraftroomPhoto courtesy of My Creative Time

Emma has wood floors, and a complete craft room tour on her link too! This photo is right before her big reveal. If you ask crafters to take photos of their craft room, you either need to catch them after a completed renovation or give them a month’s notice. No one had a room photo they would show off until they cleaned. Um, why do you think mine isn’t on here? LOL! One day I’ll get it cleaned and perfect! In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy other people’s who can actually get theirs done.

melaniecraftroomPhoto courtesy of Courtney Lane Designs

Melanie’s craft room is so pretty! I love those cabinets and the Tiffany blue walls. My craft room desperately needs a pop of color. I’m looking forward to its makeover…coming soon…or soon”ish”. Melanie has carpet, like I do.

Sometimes, I can’t decide what kind of flooring to have in my craft room because I might want to use it as a bedroom again. Shaw’s has Lifeguard Waterproof Technology that makes your carpet waterproof, so spills never seep into your carpet cushion or subfloor. That would be a great benefit to me!

galewillycraftroomPhoto courtesy of Stamps and Stitches

What are your design considerations? How important are color, pattern and texture?

Gale was thrilled when she got the chance to add checkerboard floors to her room. Stay true to you! Flooring is a great way to make your home uniquely yours. Determine your favorite colors, patterns and textures to help you find an awesome flooring fit for your special space, like Gale did!

14291735_679466712200460_7077738943082354327_nPhoto courtesy of Susan Miller

What do you expect from your new floor?

Susan has hardwood and carpet. She likes that it just takes a quick vacuuming to remove threads and paper scraps. See? That’s why it’s important to think about how you use a room. It helps you determine your flooring needs and how they specifically apply to you and the way you live in that space. Figuring out how your space is being used can help you determine your expectations for the flooring, which can help you narrow down all of the options.

I had a blast looking at all of these flooring options and awesome rooms! I hope you did too!

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Learn about carpet advantages and installation.

What flooring needs do you currently have? We’re looking for flooring for our whole downstairs…then we’ll figure out the upstairs. Carpet for upstairs? Hardwood? I don’t know! I need to work on determine our needs, style and floor expectations too!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Shaw Floors. The opinions and text are all mine.

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