Wonkafy Your Party or Everyday with Wonka Peel-a-Pop

I received this product and incentives in exchange for participating in this post about WONKA™ Peel-a-Pop™ frozen treats.  All opinions are my own.

Wonkafy Your Party or Everyday with Wonka Peel-a-Pop #Wonka #Peelapop #WonkaParty #GoldenTicket

There’s no denying how super cute the new NEW WONKA™ Peel-a-Pop™ frozen treats are.  The new dessert pops look and peel just like a banana, but in true WONKA form – you can actually eat the peel!  I think they’re perfect for a WONKA themed party complete with candy, purple WONKA hats and crazy clothes.  Wouldn’t that be cute?  Another idea is to use the Peel-a-Pops for a jungle or monkey themed birthday party.  Adorable!

Wonkafy Your Party or Everyday with Wonka Peel-a-Pop #Wonka #Peelapop #WonkaParty #GoldenTicket

It’s easy to Wonkafy your party or your every day!  Simply add food coloring to your favorite foods or add some WONKA candy as fun and yummy dessert toppings!  Feeling creative?  Cut out Wonka hats and Golden Tickets from colored paper and use them as party bag toppers for candy or invitations.  FUN!  I created these using my die cut machine  and printer but you could find any top hat shape and cut it out of purple paper and design your own Golden Ticket from yellow paper.

Wonkafy Your Party or Everyday with Wonka Peel-a-Pop #Wonka #Peelapop #WonkaParty #GoldenTicket

You know what else Willie Wonka would do?  He would stack his fun foods to crazy heights!  That’s what I’ve done here with these colorful cookies.  I used this recipe to make these awesome cookies.  Mr. Wonka would approve of these colorful cookies when it comes to his parties, I’m sure of it!

Wonkafy Your Party or Everyday with Wonka Peel-a-Pop #Wonka #Peelapop #WonkaParty #GoldenTicket

Check your grocery store’s freezer aisle for Peel-a-Pop frozen treats in both Vanilla Banana and Vanilla Grape flavors.  They are definitely a unique and playful dessert experience!  Here’s how they work:  Just a minute after opening the frozen creation, the peel becomes chewy as it peels back to reveal a creamy vanilla center.  At only 70 calories per pop, they’re a guilt-free treat for kids of all ages.

Wonkafy Your Party or Everyday with Wonka Peel-a-Pop #Wonka #Peelapop #WonkaParty #GoldenTicket

My husband thought these fun pops were good and really liked the ice cream part.  Although I loved the idea of the pops and wouldn’t hesitate to serve them at a themed party, they were not a hit with me.  So, I guess like a lot of things, it’s up to the taster!  Try them and see what you think!  I cannot get over how cute they are though.  The idea is genius!

Wonkafy your party or your everyday with these fun  WONKA™ Peel-a-Pop™ frozen treats !


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  1. Kathleen P says:

    Bought the banana flavor a couple months ago (with an online coupon). Didn’t know they have grape too!?! Some stores really limit it and will only carry one flavor of everything. 🙁 I thought they were unique and a cute novelty treat. To me, the “peel” was kinda like a fondant. Taste wise, these were just an “ok”. Not quite a thumbs up, but not really a thumbs down. But I’m sure kids will think they are fab!! FYI: a few months ago Dollar General offered them free with a Hot Pocket purchase or something like that.

    I lah-uv your Wonka party ideas Mizz Joy!! Very cool indeed!

    P.S. Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp?

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! I agree, they are very unique and so cute! We’re in agreement on the peel too. 😉 My husband was in the barber shop today and talk came around to my Peel-a-Pops post and a little boy in there said that the grape ones were his favorite snack ever. So, I guess it’s a try it and see for yourself item for sure! 😉

      GENE WILDER!! 😀

  2. Blue Rose says:

    These are too cute, and I’m sure my little nieces and nephews will go crazy over them, but I may have to give them a taste test to make sure they are okay for them. 😉 Love the cookie recipe…thanks.

    1. You’re welcome, Blue Rose! Hey, those cookies amazed me. I couldn’t believe they kept their confetti “funfetti” color all the way through. So pretty!

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