When I Decided to Get Over It and Started Enjoying My Life

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When I Decided to Get Over It and Started Enjoying My Life #GiveHeartburnARest #Ad

I used to be really afraid of heights.  I still went up to high places, if I had to, but I let my fear get in the way of fully enjoying some really cool experiences.  One day, I had a defining thought moment.  I realized that I was putting restrictions on myself that only existed in my mind.  It occured to me that enough things can happen to keep a person from getting the most out of life without adding unnecessary barriers.  That’s when I went to the amusement park, got in the front car and opened my eyes, the whole time.  When that didn’t kill me (lol), I decided that I wanted to live my life that way from that point on, taking down self created barriers and doing what I could to work around the real ones.

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It took a long time for me to get to that point of clarity but when I did, that was it for me.  I was changed.  I won’t let anything get in my way of being fully present in my own life.  Honestly, it’s a simple as recognizing it.  Since my new outlook, I’ve enjoyed things much, much more.

When I Decided to Get Over It and Started Enjoying My Life #GiveHeartburnARest #Ad

I mean, I flew a few weeks ago without freaking out!  Previously, I was so nervous I could have torn a phone book in half.  You know, if people still used phone books.

When I Decided to Get Over It and Started Enjoying My Life #GiveHeartburnARest #Ad

Here I am taking a photo of Savannah, GA last weekend from the roof of our hotel.  So, clearly the heights thing is no longer a big issue.  I’m so glad because I wouldn’t want to have missed this.

When I Decided to Get Over It and Started Enjoying My Life #GiveHeartburnARest #Ad

Another thing I’ve been afraid of is a horse.  I mean, I think they’re awesome but more than once they’ve been difficult for me to control.  The first time I rode one it jumped over a fence and waded out into the middle of a lake, all with me on it.  That made me pretty skittish.  Years later, I rode another horse.  We were following a long line of other riders, about 20 of them.  Assured that my horse would follow the usual path, I wasn’t worried.  Then it bolted down a ridge and didn’t halt until it found a fence, which is where it stood, with me on it’s back until someone came to get us.  Sigh.  At that point, I don’t know why I ever got on another one but I did.  I rode horses with my husband a few years ago and everything turned out fine.  So, with my new outlook, I took my son horseback riding a few weeks ago.  Nothing unusual happened and we had a fantastic time!  I was even able to take this photo of my horse while we rode.

When I Decided to Get Over It and Started Enjoying My Life #GiveHeartburnARest #Ad

Unfortunately, I do have a few barriers that are still hanging around.  One of them is my least favorite constant companion, heartburn.  I seriously hate it so much.  It doesn’t matter what I eat or when I eat, it jumps on me.  I’ve had it bother me so much I’ve had to pause while exercising, swimming, walking, etc. until it went away.  That’s pretty embarrassing and it’s a drag.  That being said, it’s one of those barriers I have to deal with.  Initially, I thought I’d ignore it and it would go away but that has never worked.  I’ve even tried to drown it with milk; seriously, this is why I’m not a doctor.  LOL!  I felt like I’d won the lottery when I found Nexium 24  Hour.  I’ve been using it for over a year and it has worked like a charm for me. Taking one Nexium 24 HR a day can give you all-day, all-night protection from frequent heartburn.  Thank goodness because I’ve got stuff to do.

When I Decided to Get Over It and Started Enjoying My Life #GiveHeartburnARest #Ad

I’m not about to let this heartburn pest get in my way.

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  1. You are a ROCK STAR!!! I am so thankful for your friendship and your “I can do this” attitude!! You go girl!
    xx Suan

  2. Yay! Love all the things you have accomplished once your fears were faced. Heartburn is one that keeps me down and out sometimes, too. Thanks for sharing your story. You are an inspiration #client

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