Robotz Cricut Happy Birthday Gears Card

When this cartridge came out I had to have it RIGHT AWAY!!  That was me being crazy, because I haven’t used it to make a robot until now.  When will I learn?  (Uh…never.)  This is a cute cart, but I’ve found I don’t have a lot of need to make robots.  Weird.  Who knew?  LOL.  I did use the font to make my nephew a word book.  I was just thinking … maybe I should make a little 3D robot army.  This cart has a 3D selection of robots.  Maybe I could train them to clean the house and bring me stuff.  Like lunch…and … more Cricut cartridges. 😀

In this awe inspiring photo…I welded some gears together. 😛  There are some gears on the Robotz cart, but they are suprisingly hard to find.  Isn’t that weird?  I figured I’d find different shaped gears on every page.  That would be a “no”.  I found these on page 57 and only 2 out of that bunch were welded.  What up, Provo Craft?  Anyway, I welded them with my Gypsy.  I had plans for a more involved card, but…plans are made to be creatively adjusted? crushed? bent? broken?  nah, that’s not it … well, you get the point.

I LOVE that white ink from Stampin’ Up.  It doesn’t dry fast though.  The numbers paper is from Cosmo Cricut Cricket (gosh, I almost forgot how to spell cricket, LOL!).  I love using those Honeybee scissors.  They are so sharp and do a great a job!  You NEED a Zig 2 Way Glue pen…well, not really, but I do use them all the time.  They’re really helpful!  The ribbon is from  The card sentiment is from Stampin’ Up “Think Happy Thoughts” stamp set.

Now I can say, I’ve made a robot with my cartridge. 😉 Time to move on to finishing a Mother’s Day card…fast!

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  1. This card is SO CUTE! I love the robot and the idea to weld gears is absolutely great. Thanks for the idea. I DO have many.,many pix that can be scrapped with this cart so it really was a NEED vs. a want. Weelll, it might be hard to convince DD of that, but that’s why I worked~to afford cartridges when I want/need them. Now, to get the scraproom back together so that I can use the cart…

    1. Thanks Dori and Flowerdisco!
      I look forward to seeing what you both make with Robotz! I am going to make a 3D one soon. I think that’s a cool feature! 😀

  2. flowerdisco says:

    Joy, I love your card and your houndstooth paper too and I love the Robotz cart…as a matter of fact I made a project with it
    ( it’s not revealed yet though, lol).

  3. mom2gabman says:

    Cute card Joy! I really want this cartridge too. I don’t know why. Its just cute. My boys aren’t even into Robots. 🙂

  4. sy3_smith says:

    it’s so cool Joy!
    I still haven’t been able to find one of the large zig pens. just the little ones!

  5. Love your Robot card, always fun to see something that I can use for one of my boys.

    1. Thanks everybody! It is nice to have something that can make a good boy card!

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