How to Make Bags from Scrapbook Paper VIDEO

Here’s what the video is about. Scroll down for the full video experience.

Hi Friends!  You may remember a post that I recently made showing how to make bags from scrapbook paper.  This is the same content but in video form.  I know that some people learn better with video, so I thought I’d make one for this.  It’s a great way to save money because you are using things you already have and paper that might otherwise not be used (maybe because it looks like Froot Loops cereal or something…just sayin’).  With the holidays upon us,  I  wanted to be sure you could make a quick bag if you needed one.  I’m sure I’ll be making some myself! 😉

In the video I talk about the stamps I used on the tags.

They are from my newest stamp set: Oh Christmas Puns.

Happy Bag Making!


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  1. Joy, I just LOVE watching your videos! You crack me up!! I am definitely going to make some of these bags this year! SO super cute! 🙂 And now I will patiently wait for the next video! LOL!

  2. Love the video. You are so fun to watch. Love the bags. Made 6 of them today and love them. Just need to make the tags now. Thanks for all the fun.

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