Got a new Cameo with the LED panel? Firmware Update!

New Silhouette Cameo 2014 #SilhouetteCameo

Got a new Cameo with the LED panel? It’s the one above that I talked about here.  If you do, it’s time to update the firmware.  You know how I talked about a problem with the on screen directional buttons making the rollers continuously spin?  As I predicted they would in that post, they fixed it.  Yay!

Silhouette Cameo Firmware Update #SilhouetteCameo #Joyslife

You can find the new update file on the Silhouette site.  Want to know how the new Cameo compares to the old one?  Check out this post.

I shared this firmware update info over the weekend on Facebook, Twitter & Google+.  Come follow me there!

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  1. Blue Rose says:

    Thank yo for the updates on the new Cameo. The chatter is still undecided on the new Cameo, but, in time, I think all will get used to it…as is the case with all new technology.

  2. Hello, I had a problem with the LCD screen (the letters are gone after updating the firmware of the new CAMEO) I saw very few posting in English and my while trying to update again gives the message “You already have the latest update” and you can not reinstall the update. Some managed to reinstall and others, like me, have failed. It is working perfectly (reading, cutting and all) but I see nothing on the screen. All blue. It has a customer support phone that can guide me in processeo reinstallation or upgrade. Wait. Sincerely, Claudia

  3. Thanks for this post, Joy! My computer freezes on the sending screen and the update says may take 15 minutes, but of course since it’s “stuck” nothing happens. I have tried shutting down both computer and Cameo 3with no luck. I’d appreciate any ideas/help! Thanks so much!

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