Every Cricut Trim the Tree Cut

This is exactly how they are laid out on the back of the cart.

I just got the Trim the Tree seasonal 2010 Cricut cartridge 2 days ago and decided right away that I’d make every one of the things on the cartridge so I could show you how they look.  Well, there they are.  I’m done.  Have a nice day.

LOL, just kidding! πŸ˜‰

Let me tell you a little bit about this cartridge.  Here’s a very little bit: 2 words – difficult and pretty.  It took me about 5 HOURS to cut all of these out.  The most difficult parts were figuring out which papers and speeds worked best with these intricate cuts.  It was a SUPER PAIN, but here’s what I came up with. (Wait.  First let’s look at another photo.)

This one is my FAVORITE!!  I’m going to make a t-shirt with this on it…if I ever actually use the Yudu I just got.  It could happen.  Or…it could happen in vinyl for sure. πŸ˜€  That gooey stuff all over the reindeer is adhesive from my Xyron.  You’ll also see some imperfect paper removal.  Yeah.  I had to let go of perfection somewhere around hour 3.

Oh yeah, I felt like I climbed the tree once I finished cutting all of these out.  Notice how I exactly lined them up for you?  There’s no charge for that bit of obsessiveness.  That’s just part of the service I provide here at Joy’s Life.  LOL…I’m cracking myself up.

Another cartridge that’s as intricate as this one is last year’s Love Struck Seasonal Cart.Β Here is some specific info for cutting with the Love Struck cart.

Ready for the specifics?  I know you are.  Here goes:  this is what worked for me…

Textured and Foil (American Crafts) paper – Speed 2, Pressure 5, regular blade 6.  I did a multi cut of 2 on the foil.

For regular paper: Speed 3, Pressure 5, regular blade 5.

I cut everything at 3 1/4″.  See how big some of the things cut out at 3 1/4″?  Woah!  Use the real dial size if you don’t want giant candy, sleigh or partridge (bird) because that’s how they came out at 3 1/4″.  Crazy huh?  For Real!!

Alright, alright…enough about the 1 billion hours I spent slaving away creating all these designs.  It’s water under the bridge.  Don’t even think about it.  LOL!  Actually, I’m using all of these for Christmas tags.  Cool!  By the way, the other biggest pain in the…neck…was punching out all the tiny pieces that didn’t want to easily release.  Moving on to something super fun…

Time for a Giveaway!

On the 14th of every month I do a give away just for YOU!  This is my way of thanking you for being a part of Joy’s Life.  I really do appreciate you being here.  THANK YOU!  Leave a comment to be entered for a super fun CRICUT CARTRIDGE…provided by…yours truly. πŸ˜‰  Also, I’d LOVE it if you’d “like” Joy’s Life on Facebook by clicking the like button on the left hand side of this page. πŸ˜‰  I’ll use Random.org to choose a winner on Nov 21.  Good luck everyone!  Winner Announced HERE.

Don’t forget…there’s FREE SHIPPING on all Joy’s Life stamps until Nov. 20. πŸ˜€

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  1. Love what you did with the Trim the Tree cart, Joy. I’m into Cricutting and decided I need to do something similar with all of my carts. I make cards and often need just the right simple shape, so I’ve decided to spend some time cutting out the basic shapes on each cart so I’ll have a file I can reference instead of searching through fifty carts to find the perfect scalloped circle I want to use. I suppose I could do a cut and paste deal with the pictures, but then I wouldn’t get to use my Cricut, would I? Peepop

  2. Joy,
    Your posts make me smile everytime I read them. Too funny. This cart looks like a lot of fun, but I can see a lot of patience is required as well.
    Thanks so much for sharing

  3. This cart looks interesting. May have to buy this one. Super giveaway also.

  4. Those will be beautiful tags. I would love to get this cart, all the cuts are so pretty. But I’m not so good with the intricate details. I always end up ripping the smallest area and having to recut. πŸ™

  5. I really like all the cuts you made to show us they are very pretty
    [email protected]

  6. scottandcarr says:

    These will make very cool tags, but not sure I would have the patience for them! Although, you have gotten me in a crafting mood already this morning. Guess where I’ll be spending this Sunday!!

  7. winnielosie says:

    I love all the ornaments Joy. I don’t know that i could sit that long to make them. Its an age thing i guess. Thanks for the chance to win .

  8. BrowerBakes says:

    I would NOT have the patience for this mini, I can already tell πŸ™‚

    Great job, Joy!

  9. Wow thanks for that. Its so much better to know what the cuts will look like. Some fantastic ideas brewing! :). Jess

  10. These look amazing but I too don’t have the patience to deal with the details! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. Thank for taking the time to show us what these images look like. I had no idea they would be this intricate.

  12. stampologist says:

    I love all you do! Wow, all that time to cut all the
    images! You crack me up! Thanks for the chance
    to win.
    [email protected]

  13. This was such a funny post..and perfect timing too. I just bought this one and Winter Lace last weekend at Joann’s when they were on sale for $20. I imagine they are both going to be kinda tricky to navigate, but your tips are sure going to come in handy. Now, if only I could get you to just send me all the ones you’ve already cut out…it would sure save me a lot of trouble, lol.

  14. stoneware says:

    They are pretty, Joy! I KNOW I don’t have the patience to dig out all of those intricate pieces! Is the Gingerbread cartridge as detailed at Trim the Tree?

  15. Yea finally got in. Can’t do it from facebook. Thanks, Joy for cutting all those images. I can save my $ on this cart. Too much work for me.
    Linda A

  16. These cuts are amazing, but I’m pretty sure they’d make me crazy! lol Great job on making all of them! Thanks for a chance to win, Joy!

  17. Thanks for share with us those cuts, I was thinking on buy that cartridge but I was not sure to do it, now IΒ΄m.

  18. These are very cute. Thanks for showing all of the cuts.


  19. Janet Licari says:

    Sorry this was such a pain. Thank You for your hard work to show us this cart and what works best. They are pretty. Thanks for your Super Joy gift…hope I get lucky.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  20. After all the cutting and weeding, I surprised you can spell “Tintinnabulation”! (-:

    This cart would be very happy in my house!

  21. Ahhhhh…… another morning started with smiles brought to you by JOYSLIFE,COM!!! Thanks Joy!! Love this cartridge…but I would truly have to have my patient pants on to pull them all off in one sitting….hehe!! WTG!!

  22. My favorite cut is the bird. Thanks for showing all the designs and your review of the cartridge.


  23. Oh Super Joy, we love you and your wonderful for doing another give away. papermemories4u at yahoo dot com

  24. sandrarena says:

    Love these!! My cart should arrive next week (fingers crossed). I plan to use heat transfer vinyl on my grandaughters tee shirt. This is exactly the look I want! Can’t wait to try it!!! Thanks as always for your visual help.

  25. beadgal29 says:

    I just got this cartridge in the mail yesterday, and I am super excited to use it! I think it will be perfect for simple, but super intricate-looking, Christmas cards. We definitely appreciate all of your hard work to show us all of the cuts!

    And that Paisley cartridge… that is one I don’t have (shocking, I know). Thanks for the chance to win that one!!! πŸ™‚

  26. Thank you for all the inspriation, Joy. Your creations are some of my favorites!

  27. Awesome job! So pretty! I actually do not have the cart you are giving away.

  28. They are beautiful but looks like too much work for me.

  29. mom2molly says:

    The 14th has become my favorite day of the month! πŸ˜‰

  30. ladylite101 says:

    What a nice thing to do for us all. I’ve struggled with small parts and the results weren’t so good. But this shows them off perfectly. I was trying to decide on one for the holidays and that helped me. LOL

  31. You crack me up also reading your posts. I feel your pain but the end result looks like it is worth it. These are beautiful and my favorite has to be the deer or the skate. Thanks for sharing as I have yet to get the cart.

  32. I love what you did with this cart! Love your ideas.

  33. now that was a lot of work how may piece did you tgrow away. paper waster lol
    [email protected]

  34. You make them looks so beautiful, didn’t think I wanted this cart, but looking at all your cuts, I wnat it!!! Thank you for sharing.

  35. oooooh, I soooo want this cartridge! my sister in law has it and makes the cutest things! love me some Super Joy!

  36. It does look like it might need a lot of patience and a bit of trial and error, but also looks like it could be a good one! Love the looks of it!
    Thanks for showing and sharing with us.

  37. Thanks for doing all the cuts! I have been wanting this cartridge! They turned out beautifully. I have to learn to use multi cut. I have never used that button yet. I have only had my Expression for a couple of months.

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

    Wendy C.

  38. They are beautiful but the patience you had to “clean ” them must have been high! I made 60 crosses from I think wedding and they took me forever to “clean” them. thanks for all your hard work! Not sure I want this cart now, LOL.
    mbchoj at aol dot com

  39. trixsey52 says:

    LOVE what you did with the blue & silver bell, and the reindeer is adorable. I love reading your posts, you always make me laugh.

  40. Wow! Those are beautiful! Always a pleasure to check on your new ventures.

  41. Wow! You’re so great to cut all of them out just to show us!!! It does look like it would be a pain with all the intricit cuts and then punching it all out! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  42. That must have taken so much patience to poke out all those tiny pieces. WOW

  43. Thank you for all the work/love you do for our benefit. I have learned so much from your site. I love your personality and giving/sharing attitude.
    Thanks for the opportunity for some SuperFriend Love!

  44. MissMichelle says:

    They are so adorable! I bet it was trying to do all of these in one sitting!!! When I see these I think of vinyl also, I wonder how they would look with the vinyl overlay in Christmas colors..

  45. What a fun cartridge! Thanks for sharing it with us. As always, Love your spunk!!! Thanks for the chance to win too!

  46. ptlycloudy says:

    The textured paper really gives this a great look!

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