DH…U Rock!!

Yep.  This is among the things I made for DH this Father’s Day.

I also made an ADORABLE photo of the kids holding the letters D-A-D that I painted.  So cute!

Thought you’d totally appreciate the U Rock.  We’re all so proud of it, LOL.

DH took it and put some felt slider things on the bottom of it.  I have no idea what he’s planning to do with it, but right now it’s on the hearth of our fireplace.

DS#1 went with me to Home Depot to locate the perfect rock for our little project.  Then I cut out a U stencil using my Cricut.  Next, I donned some plastic gloves, taped the stencil to the rock as much as I could, which wasn’t much since packing tape doesn’t stick to rocks.  That’s why I needed the gloves!  I ended up painting some of my hand to keep paint from getting on the rock.  Love gloves for these ideas!  Anyway…now DH knows that he Rocks!!  OR that U Rock.  hmm….

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