Cricut Life’s a Party LSU Football Game Day Glasses – Football Friday

Game Day Glasses!

You know that I cheer for Alabama & the Atlanta Falcons but this week I’m really stretching myself and making a Football Friday craft for a different team.  It’s painful, but I’m doing it for you.  LOL!  I chose LSU this week.  So LSU fans…start cheering and making these crazy glasses.  All other fans, change up the colors to crimson and white your team colors and shout Roll Tide Roll “Football Friday” with me!

The cutout on the top right looks like a punk rocker!

I used my Gypsy and the Life’s a Party Cricut cartridge to create these silly glasses.  To make the glasses quick to finish, I decided to cut them out on two pages of different colored paper and switch up the pieces.  You could make all kinds of crazy glasses by varying color, texture and adding embellishments but I kept it fairly simple.

Hey! Those glasses aren’t in the booklet!

You won’t see the glasses I made in the booklet, but you can see the pieces I used on this page.  I used the soccer glasses on the far left, both of those boxes.  Then I welded the Game Day starburst (see the Phrases box) over the soccer ball “play on” sentiment.  You could create tons of your own personalized glasses by welding over the original sentiment.

My Gypsy Screen with the Welded Glasses

I used the hide button to get rid of as much of the soccer theme as I could.  I left that awkward rectangular space that looks like a hanging chad.  I wish I’d noticed it earlier because I could have welded something in that spot to get rid of it.  It would provide a decent place to attach an embellishment, but I chose not to add one.

Pieces and Parts

I cut everything at about 8″.  You can test your cut for proper sizing (like I did) on a spare piece of paper.  I keep paper around that I don’t like for just such a need.  I don’t buy paper I don’t like for this, but I have a bunch that I used to like and now think is hideous.  LOL!  Adjust your sizes to fit.  You can also attach the sides of the glasses in different slots for a better fit.

Bling it On!

I needed to bling these glasses up a bit so I added little dots/pearls using my Ice White Viva Decor Pearl Pen.  Um, I also knocked the yellow glasses over before the pearls dried.  It was so sad.  Give yours time to dry before moving them. 

And now from the side…

Here are the sides!  I popped the end of the tabs back out to help anchor the sides even better.  You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.

I hope you enjoyed these fun glasses!  No go make some and support your football team!  I’m giving these to an LSU fan that I know.

GO (fill in your team name here) GO!  LOL!

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  1. kaperture says:

    Hey, how come you didn’t use the Razorbacks as your example team?!? Woo pig sooie!! Boo roll tide!! heheh! Really cool post though. ;-D


    1. Kayla,
      You inspired me to give it to people! If you go to my Joy’s Facebook page or my Joy Joyslife Facebook Page you can leave me a comment on the post where I ask what team you’d like to see represented next week. The team with the most votes wins!
      Super Hugs,

  2. WoooHoooo LSU !!!! Love it!!!!!!

  3. Janet Licari says:

    Lions are my team! What a great idea these glasses are…so fun! Glad you show some gems that are on carts! It is hard to tell what all is on them.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  4. Such a CLEVER idea Joy! I LOVE the glasses! I’m so glad I come here ….. you inspire me to try different things everyday! :o)


    1. Thank you so much Theresa! That is the nicest comment! 🙂 It made my day!

  5. sandrarena says:

    We here at Ole Miss could use a bit of game day bling! Maybe a bit of help tomorrow too. Could you please keep your defense home this weekend? 🙂

  6. Wow these are Super Cool, Super Joy. I will certainly be doing these as soon as I get that cart. I’m on cart restriction until Black Friday…ugghhh! (lol). Have fun at the Family B-Day Bash tomorrow. Smooches… Felicia

  7. I am just getting into the use of Cricut. got hook from daughter. this would make a great addition to my starting collection. Love keep up the good work.your site.

  8. Well I’m trying once again for a giveaway. Maybe this time my luck will change. LOL! On a more serious note – I love the drink holder. I know what my next project is going to be! Great ideas on your site and I like your graphics. Have a great week and good luck to all who entered.

  9. The glasses are super cute, Joy! Thanks for sharing! With the purple and gold colors, you can also call them Mardi Gras glasses with a few modifications -( trying to help you out to switch up from LSU!) lol If I vote on my husband’s side, then I’d have to say my (his) favorite college team is Michigan. GO BLUE! His favorite NFL team is the Lions. I have to admit, they are doing well, BUT, I’m from Pittsburgh which is the home of the Black and Gold!! We may not be doing great this year, but well, we ARE the only team with SIX superbowl trophies!! 🙂

    1. Nedine,
      I was thinking the same thing about the Mardi Gras glassess! 🙂

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