Cricut Life’s a Party Spooky Halloween Treat Coffin

Bella & Edward would love this.

Today I pre-purchased tickets for me and SuperDaughter to go see the first daytime showing of  Breaking Dawn Part 1, the fourth movie in the Twilight series.  We’re both really looking forward to it!  To get in Twilight mode I bought the Scene It? Twilight Saga Deluxe game and surprised SuperKid with it last weekend.  We sat together playing it and laughing, neither of us caring who won. 🙂  We had a lot of fun!

When I read Twilight back when it first came out, I emailed Stephenie Meyer to tell her how much I liked it.  She wrote me back!  She told me she was working on her next novel, which ended up being New Moon.  That was back when her direct email was on her website.  Nice lady!

Today’s post is inspired by vampire movies.  I haven’t missed one since Lost Boys came out.  LOL!

Cricut Cartridge, Joy’s Life Halloween Stamps and the CE2

I like the Life’s a Party Cricut cartridge. It has a wide variety of things on it from cupcake wrappers to cards and 3D items.  I thought the “Best Fiends for Eternity” sentiment stamp from Joy’s Life Halloween Puns was perfect on this.

I used my Cricut Expression 2 to cut out the coffin.  I cut it at 6 1/2″.

Shine a Little Light on it!

Now that it’s all cut out, I’m holding it up to a light to show you (and me) all the score marks.  You need to fold the paper at all those little marks.  You can use a scoring tool to get a crisp fold, but I just used my fingers.

Much Loved Acrylic Block

 The acrylic block I’m using is permanently stained from different inks I’ve used.  I figured I’d show you one of my much loved blocks, that way if your blocks look pretty loved, you’d know I have some like that too.  We’re twins!

I punched the sentiment out using this pretty Ek Punch glued all the tabs together using Zig 2 Way glue pen and inked the edges of the tag using a black Color Box chalk.

Here’s the coffin with all the little pieces glued that needed to be glued.  You can put some thin candy in here or use it as a spooky decoration.

Here’s another coffin I made last year using the Happy Hauntings Cricut cartridge.

I’m using this coffin as decoration.  I love the Halloween sentiments.  They’re good all year for a Twilight fan!

I hope your day is Fang-tastic!

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  1. dixonmommy says:

    Joy- I love this! So spooky and adorable! I cant wait until the next Twilight movie to come out! So excited!


    hollyshobbie at gmail dot com

    1. Holly,
      You’ve got to play that Twilight Scene it game (get the one with all 3 movies in it). You’ll have fun with it!
      Want to cheat a bit? Do what my daughter and I did and shout Edward and Bella randomly, you’re guaranteed to get a few right. LOL!
      Actually, we both did pretty well and there were enough tough and easy questions to keep it fun. 😉
      Counting down to Breaking Dawn!!

  2. beadgal29 says:

    Joy, for a second I thought you had just misspelled “friend.” Wow, I need more coffee. Very cute project…. I love the punch!

    1. Beadgal29,
      Wishing I could shout “FIEND” everytime someone is reading the stamp. However, shouting fiend at people makes for lots of awkward stares, so I had to stop doing it. LOL!
      I agree, that punch is GREAT!
      Thank you,

  3. Hey Joy, I love the coffin and especially love the twine tied around it. That should sure secure that vampire inside the coffin.

    1. Thank you Charlotte! Yeah, I really had to seal that guy in. I can’t have a vampire wandering around the house, the neighbors might talk. 😉

  4. What a great coffin! I have yet to use my cricut for that! My favorite part is the Twine! LOVE the twine! Bawwhahahaha
    OK that’s my scary voice! Did I scare you? 😉


  5. Your coffin came out great. Love the sentiment. Smooches… Felicia

  6. Oh my goodness Joy… this is just fabulous!! I love everything about it! That punch is so cool and your stamp fits it perfectly. I just watched the FIRST Twilight movie a couple of weeks ago and I am DYING to see the rest! Have a great time with Super Daughter… I am sure it will be blast. 🙂

  7. kaperture says:

    This is really awesome. I may not agree with you in football, but I love me some Twilight! ;-D

    1. LOL Kaperture! 😉 So are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? 😀

  8. Gorgeous little treat box, love the card you used for the box and that punch for the sentiment is great too.
    Kim xXx

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