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Cricut Fancy Frames & Cricut Flower Shoppe Flower Frame – Cricut Fancy Frames Cartridge Give Away

Our Cricut”fied” CHA Badges

I took my daughter with me to the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) trade show in Chicago a few weeks ago.  We enjoyed meeting friends in person and taking some seminars and classes.  We were invited to a Provo Craft class where we made these cool frames for our CHA tags.  I fell in LOVE with the Cricut Flower Shoppe cartridge because I was finally able to make a flower that didn’t look pathetic.  LOL!  My daughter had blown me away the previous evening when she kept up with a speedy class that we took and excelled at making flowers by hand.  Um…that’s not my talent.  So, I was really happy when I redeemed myself by rolling up pieces that the Cricut had cut out and turning them into the pretty flower on the right.  I still think Super Kid’s is better.  Well, she should be good at it…her name is Lilly.  LOL!  😉

Like the embossed key and circle? We used THIS to make them.

Would you like to know how to make these frames and flowers?  These are the instructions that Provo Craft gave us to share:

Flower Frame Instructions:

Materials: Cricut Expression, Cricut Fancy Frames Cartridge, Cricut Flower Shoppe cartridge, Cardstock: 6 sheets of coordinating colors and/or patterns, Adhesive Pen, Adhesive Dots.

Instructions for the Frame:
Using the Cricut and Fancy Frames Cartridge, cut one <Fram7> at 4 1/4″.  Next, cut one <Fram7Lr> and 4 1/4″.  Use adhesive pen to adhere the frame layers (as seen in frame photo above) and set aside.

Instructions for the Flower:
Use the Cricut and Flower Shoppe cartridge.
  Cut out four <Mum5> at 1″.
To cut out the center of the flower use the Cricut and Flower Shoppe cartridge and cut one <Daisy1> at 2″.
Twirl the image starting with the center tab to create the dimensional flower center.  Place adhesive dot at the end and adhere so that it stays rolled.
Cut one <Daisy4> at 2″ and one <Daisy4> at 1 3/4″.
Place adhesive dots on the tabs of the flowers and attach to the end of the flower cut out to create a dimensional shape.
Attach the smaller flower to the larger flower by layering.
Attach the center of the flower to the flowers using adhesive dots.
Add leaves to the back of the flower and adhere to the frame as shown.


Before I left for CHA I bought the Fancy Frames Cricut cartridge, so when I was given an extra at the class I decided to pass it on to you!  Please leave a comment telling me what your favorite Cricut cartridge is.  I’ll use Random.org to choose a winner of the Fancy Frames Cricut cartridge on August 8, 2011.  I’ll announce the winner on this post, so be sure to come back and check!


Kitty Says: August 2nd, 2011 at 1:15 PM

Love the flowers! I’m sure Super daughter picked up some of her talent from you. I love ALL my carts. I try mixing em up when I’m in my crafty room or on the couch with my Gypsy. If I had to pick, right now this minute, I’d say Picturesque. Ask again in 10 minutes and who know? Thanks for the chance to win!

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  1. At the moment I am having a blast with the Stars & Stripes cartridge …. having fun with a scrapbook of my sons tour in Afghanistan. Happier he is back safe 😉

    Great giveaway Joy thanks so much!!

  2. My current favorite is New Arrival thanks to my brand new nephew. :0) He provides so much inspiration! Thank you for the the chance to win!

  3. Wow, that is a gorgeous flower! I too am not that good at the whole flower making thing, so this is definately inspiring! 🙂 Now, you know, asking me to pick my favorite cartridge is like asking me to pick my favorite kind of chocolate… they are all just so good and I can’t ever have enough of them!!! LOL! I would LOVE to add the Fancy Frames cart to my collection tho, it is on my top five want list! Thanks for the chance to win! (please oh please pick me!!)

  4. I am a new Cricut lover and my favorite cartridge right now is Create a Critter but I sure would love another cartridge to fall in love with 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  5. It is very hard to pick one cart, because a cart can the best for a certain project-like stand and salute is the best for making my dad a album about his trip to DC on the honor flight for WWII veterans, but it would not do you much for a child’s page, so it is really the one you are using for the moment, but overall I would pick ACY
    upnurse at aol dot com

  6. Such a stunning tag and flower, U rock, Joy. My favourite cartridge at the moment is All Wrapped Up, that I’ve being using. But my ultimate favourite is Create A Critter, such an AMAZING cartridge to use. 🙂

    Thks for the chance to win such a super cartridge.




  7. Hmm…now put on the spot and I don’t have very many cartridges, I’d have to say Locker Talk is one of my go to oftens when working on projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win a cartridge that looks wonderful & would love to add to my collection.

  8. I am just getting started and only have one cartridge so far. Would love to have the Fancy Frames be my second!! Thank you

  9. I love all of my cartridges, but Forever Young is probably on top of the list. I just ordered Flower Shoppe and can’t wait for it to come!

  10. That is a great idea for the badges. They look a whole lot better than the plain ones you usually get at conventions. I think right now the Create a Critter is my favorite cart. Thanks for a chance to win Fancy Frames. Would love to have that one in my collection.

    mimicaro9650 at yahoo dot com

  11. Currently its Campin’ Critters. We have visited so many state parks here in GA lately that it works perfectly with my scrapbook pages….

  12. I have many favorites, but I’m using Elegant Edges everyday it seems like right now. Love all those beautiful shapes! I’d love to win Francy Frames though. Thanks for a chance to win!

  13. My favorite font cartridge is Storybook. My current favorite shape cartridge is Elegant Cakes: It has beautiful shapes for layouts as well as borders and a lovely font. I love cartridges like this that you can use over and over. Fancy Frames looks like one that could be used like that and I would love to win it!

  14. My favorite cartridge is Walk in my Garden because of th flowers so you know that I would love to add this one to my collection. Please pick me. BTW…I love your website. I visit it each day for inspiration.

  15. I only have a few cartridges but my favorite right now is Wild Card. I love the flower you made, it’s so adorable. I’d love to give it a try sometime.

  16. Please don’t make me pick a favorite! Okay, I guess I’ll pick Happy Hauntings because I LOVE Halloween.

  17. LOVE this flower. I love to add flowers to cards and layouts so I will have to get Flower Shoppe. I don’t tend to have one favorite over all cart. But I always have a favorite right now. And right now my fav is French Manor.
    papermemories4u@ yahoo.com

  18. fancy frames looks like such a fun cartridge..I like to make flowers but like you said they always look not so great. Right now I guess my favorite cart is Create a Critter…It is really hard to pick just one as each cart has a special image that I love..

  19. Currently me favorite cartridge is Stretch Your Imagination. I have made myself a personal goal of making all my special occasion cards for the year and I have been using this cartridge pretty much nonstop! It is great and I like to frames that come on it. Thanks for the chance to win another cartridge that would be really helpful for making great cards.

  20. My current favorite cartridge is the word collage one. Have already used it for several tiles. Nice variety on it.

  21. The flowers are gorgeous!
    Like Lay’s potato chips, I can’t choose just one! Right now I have been turning to the following four cartridges; Sentimentals, From My Kitchen, and Quarter Note, and Rock Princess!
    I sure that I will move on to different ones, when I am done with the latest round of cake toppers, and decorations! By the time I am done with them the poor cartridge gets moved, because I am tired of looking at it(at least for a few weeks, Poor Hello Kitty Fonts and Greetings)

  22. Its hard to pick just one cart! I tend to use create a critter most, But I really love all my carts! lol

  23. I think my favorite is probably A Child’s year, but it’s so hard to chose one! LOL! I would use Fancy Frames a LOT!

  24. That’s like having to pick a favorite child! Right now I’m having fun with Campin’ Critters! I love a giveaway!

  25. Your flowers are GOJUS, Joy! 🙂

    Hmmmm, a fav cart? I think it would have to be “Wild Card”. I love already-made “shape cards” so, yep, Wild Card it is!!

    I would LOVE to win this Fancy Frame cart. Thanks so much for the chance! 🙂

  26. You mean I have to pick just one? I guess it depends on the mood I’m in and what the occasion is. Right now, I would have to pick Happy Hauntings….as I’m getting ready to make cards for Halloween. Thanks for the opportunity to win an awesome cartridge…..would love to add this one to my collection.

    scrapbooknut67114 at gmail dot com

  27. Oh there are so many great carts it’s hard to choose just one . . . but I’d say Create a Critter is one of my go to carts 🙂

  28. It is hard to choose just one cartridge..I would love to add Fancy Frames to my very small collection. Thanks for the chance to win.
    reanie at valornet dot com

  29. Hmmmmmm… so many choices, and I use different cartridges based on what I’m doing. My favorite font cartridge is Storybook. My favorite Imagine art cartridge is Lori’s Garden.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these new cartridges… I’d LOVE to have Fancy Frames!!

  30. I agree it’s kinda tough to pick a favorite cartridge! I like LIfe’s a Beach because it has a pelican on it. But I also like the cartridges with all the frills and flourishes! I would LOVE have the Fancy Frames cartridge, and I can see it becoming one of my favorites very quickly!

  31. I have to say my favorite cart is a toss up between Everyday paper Dolls and Paper Doll Dress Up. I use these to make paper dolls for my 6 year old granddaughter to play with. I keep saying I’m going to make some with laminated paper and use magnets to attach the clothes so I don’t have to keep creating new bodies, but alas, I procrastinate better than I do anything else in the world! 😀

  32. Your flowers are very pretty! I also have a problem making nice flowers so I’ll probably have to get that cart eventually. Right now I just cheat and use store bought flowers. As far as my favorite cart, I don’t have a favorite because I have many favorites. As other people have said, it really depends on the projects I’m working on and my mood as to which is my favorite cart. Right now my favorite cart is Stand and Salute, but only because I’m planning on making a mini album for my niece who just joined the Navy — just went to boot camp (if they still call it that) this week. Thanks so much for the chance to win the Fancy Frames cart. Have a wonderful day!

  33. Love the tags and would love to have the cartridge. My favorite right now is Elegant Edges. Thanks for the giveaway.

  34. Love the flowers! I’m sure Super daughter picked up some of her talent from you. I love ALL my carts. I try mixing em up when I’m in my crafty room or on the couch with my Gypsy. If I had to pick, right now this minute, I’d say Picturesque. Ask again in 10 minutes and who know? Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. I have so many fav’s but if I had to choose 1 I would say…..Create A Critter! I LOVE the flowers on the badges! I would love to be able to create them! Thanks for the chance!

  36. At the present moment my favorite(s) is a tie between 3 as I am using them all to make decorations for my Step-Sisters Wedding Shower in 2 weeks:
    Tie the Knot

  37. My favorite cartridge is the Elegant edges! It is awesome when you cut those frames “to fit the page” and build your scrapbook page from that! Thanks for the ‘game’! Hope I win! I like to win!!

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