Christmas Wishes Spellbinders Card & GIVE AWAY

Glittery flock is your friend.

 I love the way glitter looks but I hate using it. It always ends up making me look like I just stepped out of the chorus line since I usually end up with it all over me or in my eye.  Eye glitter is the worst.  Maybe I need to wear goggles when I use glitter?  Because I’ve yet to invest in glitter goggles, I always use Stickles instead of glitter.  (Curious about Stickles?  Here’s a helpful post.)  I say all that to get to one single point…I do like Sparkly Fluff.  It’s basically flock with glitter in it.  Somehow, I don’t end up covered in it and it’s so soft!  I used it on the trees in the card and on that brad.  To apply it, I used something that I’ve never bought until recently and now LOVE: this Quickie Glue pen.  It held the flock really well.  I was impressed!

Spellbinders dies are so pretty!

All that flock and glitter talk and I didn’t really even talk about this card.  I made it using these Spellbinder’s dies: Lacey Pennants, Large Nestabilities Squares, and Nestabilities Lacey Squares.  I used the smaller triangles/banners as the trees.  What’s cool about Spellbinder’s dies is that you can also use the same die to emboss the image you cut.  You can see that a bit if you look at the part with the stamping.  I ran these dies through my Sizzix Big Shot, a machine I truly adore.

I was working on a totally different post for today but you know what?  It took a lot longer than I anticipated!  I’ll post it soon though!

And now for some more 2 Million Hits Celebrating…a GIVE AWAY!

Custom is giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to be used in their store!  All you have to do to be eligible for a chance to win is to leave a comment on this post telling me what crafty supplies you would use to make a snowman if you had no snow.  (I’m already laughing just thinking about things to use.)

I’ll use to choose a winner on Monday, December 19.


Kathleen P
Submitted on 2011/12/17 at 12:29 AM
Ivory Snowflakes!!! Remember that? Ha, ha, ha, shows how old I am!


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  1. Snowman w/ no snow????? Mmmmmmm, Well I live in Buffalo and we have no snow( Really- I know no snow in Buffalo!) I could make it out of mud as that is what we have now or my first thought dyer lint! nice and soft and fluffy and could make it any color.. Thanks Joy!

  2. I would use white kitchen trash bags stuffed with newspaper in various sizes to stack together! Sharpie marker faces and details. How about a piece of rebar stuck in the ground – then I could skewer the snow ball bags to attach them together plus anchoring them to the ground. I could go on…..and on…….and on……

  3. Cotton balls, fleece, or some fabric printed with snowflakes! I am loving these giveaways! Congratulations on your 2 million! Glad to be a part of it!

  4. No snow? Easy, peasy! I have done this: Stuff pantyhose with fiberfill! Don’t ask me what size I wear!

  5. margievisnick says:

    I would use white mica flakes!

  6. Oh! I would use Paper Mache for sure….I used to love making a mess with that paste. LOL! Then I’d paint him white, and make holes to put sticks in for his arms and what the heck maybe leave holes for his nose, eyes pipe and hat. I could make a “Pin the Parts on the Snowman” game out of it!~ Great prize up here! I need that for my new Silhouette:)

    Thanks for the chance to win:)

    Cricut Chick

  7. Lovely card, Joy! I adore my Spellbinders dies. What would I use to make a snowman hmmm…. Foam balls for the body parts, work great, felt for the scarf and hat, and then lots and lots of buttons. I *love* buttons. Tree twigs for the arms, of course. Thank you for the chance to win.

  8. i would use my margarita machine!!..heavy in the ice so the snowman isnt too runny!
    merry christmas to you joy!

  9. I’d use my new Cameo and design a snowman from cardstock. He’d be one of those puzzle looking ones. You know where you make slits in paper and lock the pieces together by sliding 2 pieces together. I think I could make a pretty good 3D snowman that way.

  10. I would buy White faux pumpkins (or paint orange ones white) and carve a fun face then buttons on the bottom 2. I would light it with blue lights inside. Or I could make an indoor one with cricuit vinyl (hmm, that would work on my door).

    I love the use of the banners on this card. I, too, love the Quikie glue pen. It works so great for those intricate items you really can’t use tape on.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing what you bring to us in the New Year.

  11. LOL! I love the margarita machine idea! That would be one TASTY snowman! Me…well, I have a bunch of ribbon around, so I think I’d end up covering balls with that! LOL! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  12. dawnie1973 says:

    I would use white tshirts filled with garbage bags. I would use buttons and cut some images with my various cricut cartidges. We did this to make scarecrows at my sons school and it came out cute!

  13. Cotton balls with glitter! I’d use marshmallows, but then I couldn’t use the glitter! Unless I could find some edible glitter…. off to the craft store, now!

  14. Remember the old school project trick? Ivory snow detergent (actually do they still even make that?) mixed with a little water and then fluffed up with a mixer… Guess I’m showing my age with this idea…

  15. Hummmm let me see –If I was making a inside craft I probably would try using cottonballs or grate styroform. If I was making one for outside well we might get snow once in a blue moon , since we don’t have snow I would probably use white trashbags stuffed with newspaper.

  16. Wow, such great ideas for snow! I think I’d have to go with quilt batting wrapped around styrofoam balls with felt pieces for the eyes and buttons.

    And, Joy, I love the card!


  17. love the ribbon entwined around this card, as far as no snow usually not a problem, clean snow now that is a problem. I would use a white t-shirt and stuff it with old plastic grocery sacks

  18. no snow!!!!! wow , lets see, I would probably knit a snowman, oh what I have knitted 3 snowmen, there are so cute, I think the first one I did was about a foot and a half tall, soooo to make a 4 foot one I would need a whole lot more yarn!!!! LOL
    that was fun reading what people would use, your glitter flock is really cute, your card turned out great!!!!!!

  19. How big of a snowman are we talking? I live in Alabama, so I have no real experience in building them. However, I can blow up a series of increasingly bigger balloons, paper mache them, pop the balloons, paint it white. Then go to Joann’s and get actual buttons for buttons. Probably e6000 my “snowballs” together and add the buttons. Have dinner one night, take the left over corn cob + wooden skewer = corn cob pipe. Grab a carrot for the nose, more buttons for eyes and my top hat off the shelf (yes, I have a top hat).

  20. I would use cotton balls for a small snowman and paper mache for a large!
    Happy Holidays!!!
    Karen [email protected]

  21. I have taken clear christmas balls and used a watered down white glue and tissue paper to cover and then stacked, glued and sprinkled with a bit of glitter. quite pretty!
    I love the card that is so effective… Good job!

  22. Mrodriguez860 says:

    I would use Marshmallows and double dipped in white chocolate , you know… to give it that extra shine, LOL Then I would dip the Snowman in white sparkerly sugar for the shine and extra sweetness. LOL Oh! Then I would eat my Snowman!!!

  23. I would probably take an easel outside and cut a snowman out of a roll of white construction paper. Hang it on the easel and have a box full of art supplies for the neighbor kids to use to decorate the snowman or snowmen with. That way the kids get their craft on and keep the fun and mess outside!

  24. mousemomma says:

    In Southern California we use tumble weeds to make a snowman! I love your beautiful card. I never would have guessed that the trees were upside-down banners!

  25. First I would try my cricut and the I would use white koolaid containers, they make adorable ones/

  26. shoespink says:

    Love the card so pretty.
    WE have no snow in Biloxi Mississippi.
    So I would make a snowman out of cotton candy he would be so fluffy.
    For the eyes M&MS, nose a Carrot , mouth Orange Slices (candy), buttons Cherries, hat Hershey bar & scarf Fruit Roll Ups .
    O he would have to be inside because he would look like a big pile of ???????

  27. I think I would give my kiddos a few rolls of toilet paper and let one wrap the other one up until he looked like he was covered in “snow” lol.

  28. Janet Licari says:

    Wish we could see this one in person…It looks so soft and fuzzy!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  29. sy3_smith says:

    we currently have no snow haha! we have a giant one blown one up. haha buttt something crafty could be bails of hay or clear garbage bags full of batting would be neat! haha 🙂

  30. scrapbooknut67114 says:

    Hmmmmmmm! Snowman with no snow………..well, how about white chocolate? ???? with milk chocolate for scarf, hat, and mittens? Would that work????

    Congrats on 2 million hits!

  31. CathyinMN says:

    I love your card! It’s so pretty. If I were to make a snowman without snow, I would use large clear plastic garbage bags and I don’t remember what they’re called, but they’re white and made out of styrofoam and used for packing delicate items safely. I’d put those things into the garbage bags and then close them with large rubber bands and then glue them one on the other and decorate. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  32. I just love that card!
    I would like to make a snowman that looks like it was made out of old, dirty snow. I would put the dryer lint to good use for this then add glue and roll him in Martha Stewart mica flakes. I would then have to search my floors for dropped chocolate chips, raisins, anything left that my cats did not eat after holiday baking, for his face. Now that would be my ultimate “use what you have lying around the house and crafty stuff ” snowman.

  33. In Iowa we usually have more than enough snow, but not this year. So I would make a snowman to go on a layout. Probably using paper and Stickles of course. Everything is better with Stickles. Dana

  34. patriciao73 says:

    Cute card! And I don’t think I’ve seen the flock with the glitter, interesting stuff!
    Now, how to make a snowman without snow…..hmmmm. That’s a hard one. I would use marshmallows; you could use regular sized ones and small ones; and they even have them in certain colors/flavors too! That way, I could eat them up after! YUM! LOL

  35. dreger.ian says:

    The crafter in me would get some chicken wire, and shape it like a snowman, and then paper mache it till it looked like Martha Stewart herself came over in the middle of the night to surprise us. I’d use some buttons from the craft room, and maybe my Cricut spatula spray painted orange for the carrot.

    In all reality, I’d probably get some white trash bags and fill it with crumpled up newspaper and superglue a bunch of things on it though. haha. Thanks for the giveaway!! That is so nice of them to offer a $25 gift card. 🙂

  36. No Snow???? I WISH!!! We just got a lot of it the other day! You’re making this hard on me! LOL Actually I think I would take some white trash bags and fill them up with TRASH! Naaa… just kidding… fill them up with newspaper… different sizes for the body and use some big buttons for the eyes & well…buttons down the front… and ummmm…. grab a hat & scarf from my kids cause they never where them anyway and put that on my snowman… I kind of like the idea of it… this way I can make it inside my nice warm house instead of freezing my butt off outside trying to build one from scratch! :o)
    LOVE the card you made too… very pretty with the flocking and I love those nestibilites…. they are awesome to use!


  37. Super cute card!! I love how you used the ribbon around the die. I also hate glitter and the worst thing is to take it off. I don’t own glitter, in my nightmares my daughter takes a whole set of Martha Stewart fine glitters and throws it on the carpet, terrifying. Gorgeous Joy!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  38. lindagk23 says:

    Hmmmmm, no snow…. well I think iw ould use cotton balls, or use my Cricut to cut some out.

  39. Cotton balls would be my quick go-to. Actually, I wanted to try a Craft Gossip snowman idea using 3 powdered sugar donut holes stacked in pretzel bags (add paper hat and scarf; draw a face on the bag). Alas, no donut holes in my local stores. Plenty of mini donuts; no holes. 🙁 Huh, who knew?! Thanks for the fun!

  40. I have a ton of batting on hand so that would work great for his body and then I would cut super size features on my cricut using the the 12×24 mat – vinyl so it would stick to the batting.

  41. I would make one out of vanilla ice cream. It would be messy but I would it would be close to the real thing.

  42. lewistruth says:

    I am truly surprised that you do not like glitter!! My statement when I see glitter stuck to crafters is “Your sparkling personality is showing through!!” Surely you don’t want to hide your sparkling personality!!

    If I were making a snowman without snow, it would have to be for a scrapbook page or a card, so I would use my rubber stamps of snowmen, a glue pen and glitter! Liquid applique works real well too!

  43. ladybugCarrie says:

    What a beautiful card! 🙂 I would use cotton balls to build a snowman! 🙂

  44. Joy your card is spectacular!! I would use the Viva Decor Pearl pen!! I just bought the Quickie glue pen last week and loved it, fabulous for detail or even adding glitter!!

  45. Kathleen P says:

    Ivory Snowflakes!!! Remember that? Ha, ha, ha, shows how old I am!

  46. AfabulousMalone says:

    I love the card! This would be great for my mom on Mother’s Day, maybe with a bird instead of the trees!! She would love that.

    For the Snowman….I could use my scrap paper (soft whites, pinks and blues..pastel colors) left from my paper crafting adventures! Run it through the shredder, glue it to some foam balls. Add twigs for the arms, buttons, hat from construction paper, I can use scrap fabric for the scarf, etc… Bam! Snowman in Houston!

    BTW- Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

  47. I’d cut one out with my Cameo! Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. bunnyfreak says:

    My cricut could cut one. I saw a cute idea to decorate a white fridge to be a snowman.

  49. I would use styrofaom balls with either lots of glue and fake snow or with white fuzzy baby yarn wrapped around it. and then cardstock for the hat , nose and buttons and black pearls for eyes. I just made my first real snowman this year a few weeks back when we had a light snow and I got it pretty big but he was covered in dried grass and leaves. lol

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