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Best Friend Ever Stationary Set – Lori Whitlock Design Team Post

All I can say is…I finally got to use that bottle cap that I’ve been hanging on to!! SUUWEEET!

Today I’m using Lori Whitlock’s Stationary set file to help me create a gift for my daughter who is away at college.  I was thinking she could use it to leave notes for her friends or uh … to send a letter home to dear ole Mom.  Subtle, I know.  LOL!  Subtlety is my middle name.  (A statement that no one believed about me, ever.  LOL!)  I used the Hello Summer paper pack that Lori designed for Echo Park to create the box that holds the stationary. I also used a journaling card from Lori’s beautifully designed paper This & That Graceful by Echo Park to help me create a base for decorating the front of the box.

You had me at lunar, wait solar, wait…just Sizzix Eclips.

I used my Sizzix Eclips to cut out all the beautiful floral designs.

Mix & Match sentiments using Joy’s Life Everyday and Holiday Occasions stamps!

Using my Everyday Occasions stamp set, I was able to mix and match the words to make the saying I wanted.  Then I stamped the words using different colored inks.


To adhere those delicate floral cutouts, I suggest a spray on adhesive. I tried that and it worked the best without damaging any of the fine detail.  I also tried the Xyron, which I love, but the permanent adhesive I had in it made the cutouts difficult to remove without tearing.

Many adhesives live in my craft room.

I used E-6000 to glue the metal bottle cap to the paper.  That stuff is awesome!  I use it to make all kinds of things…like this!

I added some clothes pins, used my Everyday Occasions stamps on tickets I had, inked the journaling card and finally glued on that bottle top that I’ve been hanging on to. I know you want to know what bottle that came from. I wish I could tell you but I glued it down before making a mental note. Darn! It’s from some beer I tried, I know that much.  I made four cards and they all fit easily into the box. It is all so simple to make! It just takes paper, a little glue and a tiny bit of folding. Other than that, the die cut machine does all the work. It’s easy and pretty too. Awesome!

I hope your day ROCKS!

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  1. Thanks for the tip about the spray on adhesive (I didn’t think of that)! I spent a lot of time trying to neatly apply glue or using my zig pen which dried before I could finish applying. I do love this set, already made a couple to give as Christmas gifts. I used another of Lori’s boxes though, the one with the flap that has a cut out pattern on it (it’s gorgeous)!

    1. Hi Lan!
      The box you’re talking about is so pretty! I love that one! Yes, spray adhesive is awesome! I just need to find the best place to spray it. I’m so paranoid about getting it everywhere or breathing too much of it. LOL!

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