We’re Expecting…a Puppy!

Baby Saban - Our English Mastiff Puppy
Baby Saban – Our English Mastiff Puppy

Our puppy, Saban, comes home this Sunday!  Our family of five is so excited.  We spent a year choosing the right breed for us, and reading all about English Mastiff’s.  Though we chose the breed, when it came to the actual dog, we let this sweet puppy choose us.  Her sisters (we wanted a girl) were cute but there was a connection between us and this dog, right away.  She was so sweet and nuzzled into each of us as we held her.  She laid right in my lap and rested her head on my arm.  I fell completely in love with her, right away.The photo above is when we first met her, at six weeks.

English Mastiff's Get Big.  Really big.
Saban’s Dad, El Nino.

English Mastiff’s Get Big.  Really big.  We did not choose this dog breed based on size, though they are undeniably huge, so I have to mention that.  We chose the breed because their temperament was a perfect fit with us and what we like in a dog.   They are known to be tender, sensitive, serene and quiet.  There are a few other Mastiff breeds, but the English Mastiff ‘s are known as “Gentle Giants”.

Saban's Mom, Sasha
Saban’s Mom, Sasha

We met Saban’s parents weeks before we met Saban.  Both dogs were nice, but Sasha was warmer to us and a little smaller.  That’s why I wanted a girl dog.

Saban’s Grandfather, Major

We even met Saban’s grandfather.  He’s huge too and has markings sort of like a tiger.  His coat color is “brindle”.  Saban will have a “fawn” coat color like El Nino and Sasha.

Saban's brothers and sisters - born April 21, 2012
Saban’s brothers and sisters – born April 21, 2013

Saban came from a BIG litter!  13 puppies!  There were nine boys and 4 girls.

Saban with son #1.
Saban with son #1.

She’s just 6 weeks here!  When we bring her home Sunday she’ll be 8 weeks old and bigger!

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  1. I can’t wait to show this to my grandson. He has wanted a Mastiff from the time he saw one when he was with us camping in San Diego years ago. They are beautiful dogs. Have fun!

  2. Hi Regina,
    That just makes me happy! 🙂 I hope he enjoys taking a look at this post. I’ll have more Saban news as she comes home and grows from pup…to giant!
    Thank you!

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