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We Roll Tide with Our Alabama Game Day Food & Jell-O Jigglers

We Roll Tide with Our Alabama Game Day Food & Jell-O Jigglers #TeamJellO #shop #RollTide #Bama #footballfood #EnglishMastiff #puppy

It’s football time!  This week Alabama plays West Virginia in the Georgia Dome.  We’re so excited to watch the first game of the season!  We’ll be ringing it in with some game day food.  Each football season we try to add a cool, new item to our football food making, so our family was super excited that Jell-O came out with these awesome  JELL-O University Mold Kits and that one was for the University of Alabama!  Roll Tide Roll!

We Roll Tide with Our Alabama Game Day Food & Jell-O Jigglers #TeamJellO #shop #RollTide #Bama #footballfood

Our kit came with 4 packs of Strawberry Jell-O but I bought some Pina Colada flavored Jello-O so we could mix the two flavors together to create an awesome tropical flavored Jell-O Jiggler.  I also just “had to have” a nice white color so I could replicate Alabama’s colors of crimson and white.

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Tropical Layered Jell-O Jigglers

We Roll Tide with Our Alabama Game Day Food & Jell-O Jigglers #TeamJellO #shop #RollTide #Bama #footballfood

With just a few easy steps you can make these tropical layered Alabama Jell-O Jigglers.

  • First, spray the inside of the Jigglers Molds with cooking spray.
  • Add 2/3 cup of boiling water to the Strawberry Jell-O.
  • Stir for 3 minutes until the gelatin is completely dissolved.
  • Pour the dissolved gelatin into the mold, filling halfway.
  • If you have any Jell-O left over, pour it into a heat safe bowl and refrigerate for an extra treat!
  • Place the molds in the refrigerator for about an hour for the Jell-O to firm up some before adding your second color layer.
  • Next, repeat the process using the Pina Colada Jell-O and refrigerate for 3 hours or until firm.
  • When they’re ready to take out of the molds, simply run a knife around the edges of the mold to loosen the gelatin.
  • Unmold them and add them to a plate.
  • You’re ready to eat!
We Roll Tide with Our Alabama Game Day Food & Jell-O Jigglers #TeamJellO #shop #RollTide #Bama #footballfood

Look at the detail!  Those are elephants on the left and right of the Alabama “A”.  It says “Alabama Crimson Tide” around the outside of the “A”.  It was hard to capture with my camera but every little letter came out perfectly.  I was so impressed!

We Roll Tide with Our Alabama Game Day Food & Jell-O Jigglers #TeamJellO #shop #RollTide #Bama #footballfood #Walmart

Jell-O University Mold Kits can be found for local University teams at Walmart stores in the cities where they are located and online.

We Roll Tide with Our Alabama Game Day Food & Jell-O Jigglers #TeamJellO #shop #RollTide #Bama #footballfood

Our football food includes these fun football shaped mini burgers!  We should probably add some cheese on top for the laces, shouldn’t we?  Either way, they tasted great!  We baked yeast rolls for the buns.  YUM!

We Roll Tide with Our Alabama Game Day Food & Jell-O Jigglers #TeamJellO #shop #RollTide #Bama #footballfood #EnglishMastiff #puppy

About our Dog Saban

If you didn’t know what big Alabama football fans we are, you do now.  LOL!  This is our English Mastiff puppy, Saban.  She’s named after Alabama Coach Nick Saban.  You can read more about how she got her name in this post.  Oh, yes!  She’s still a puppy.  She turned one in April.  She’s about 130 lbs right now but will grow to be somewhere between 180 and 220 lbs.  Here’s some information about her furry family.  The greatest thing about her is…she’s my perfect furry friend.  I love her so much.  Plus, she makes me laugh!  Here’s how she looks if rival Auburn wins.  LOL!

We Roll Tide with Our Alabama Game Day Food & Jell-O Jigglers #TeamJellO #shop #RollTide #Bama #footballfood #EnglishMastiff #puppy

Which team or teams are you cheering for this season?

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TeamJellO #CollectiveBias

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  1. Wendy Green says:

    Roll Tide too!

  2. Blue Rose says:

    That is too awesome…University jigglers…what a hoot. I may just have to send someone out to get some. The food looks yummy. I love the football shaped buns, and that great helmet…where did you get it?

    1. Thank you, Blue Rose! I Amazon’d the helmet and made the buns using frozen yeast rolls from Kroger and baked them in this. My husband also shaped the burgers to match. YUM!

  3. Kathleen P says:

    Well Joy, I have a dilemma. I will have to get both Michigan State University and University of Michigan molds or I might be in trouble with both teams’ fans and grads!! I see that there is the Sparty head plus the “S” for State for MSU, but there is only just the “M” for U of M. I wonder why they didn’t have a wolverine head with the M? Jello’s research & development team should have consulted with me first!! LOL!

    Thanks Joy for turning me on to these molds ’cause I didn’t know they were out there. I have lots of other Jello molds in other crazy shapes too.

    Mizz Saban rules!

    1. Kathleen, You could lay out your two finished MSU and U of M Jigglers facing each other like they’re on the field. Cute!

      You’re welcome for the heads up on these molds! They’re super fun for football fans like us! 🙂

      Saban says Arf which equals Thanks & Hi! 😉

      1. Kathleen P says:

        That is a great idea to have both teams facing off each other! Hey, I would love to see a U of M and Ohio State jello battle! LOL

        Oops, I just remembered NOT to use lime jello for Michigan State. No one wants lime jello! Maybe I will try melon fusion or margarita or mix ’em up with lime to get a darker green color. Can you see the wheels turning in my head?!

  4. Lenore Tate says:

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!! I have already purchased the Jello Molds but I LOVE the idea of the Pina Colada jello! I definitely will be making this recipe! Our DIL is a Georgia Alum – so will probably have to buy a set for her too! Watch for us at the game – we’ll be wearing CRIMSON!!!

    1. Lenore,
      I’m going to keep my eye out for some Crimson among the the black and red. I can spot that difference! 😉 RTR! I think you’re going to enjoy the Pina Colada & strawberry. Plus, the GA Bulldogs Jell-O Jigglers comes with strawberry too so you’ll be all set! BTW, there’s a recipe for making black Jell-O on the side of the AL and the GA boxes. Now your AL and GA’s can definitely look different! RTR! 😀

  5. I tried the Bama jiggers with water & vodka. They came out just a blob of jello. HELP.

    1. Hi Rhino,
      I haven’t made them with alcohol but I did find this recipe for you which might help. 🙂

  6. Samantha K says:

    The layered Jell-O Jigglers looks amazing! What a great idea! I am cheering for Mizzou 😉 #client

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