NEW Cricut Mini Machine

There’s a new Cricut in town!  The Cricut Mini!  I just saw it at Summer CHA 2011.  It’s got a sleek new design.  Check it out:

The best new function of this machine, in my opinion, is its ability to cut 8.5″ x 12″ instead of the previous 6″ x 12″ of the other baby bugs (Cricut Personal or Create).  It’s made to work with the free Cricut Craft room online software.  Will it work without the Cricut Craft room?  I can’t quite figure that out and I forgot to ask.  If I get by there again tomorrow, I’ll make that a priority.

The Cricut Craft room is currently still in beta testing, but when the Cricut Mini machine is available (coming soon), I was told that the Cricut Craft room software will be ready for everyone as well.  Yay!  I’ve tried the Cricut Craft room software for the past few months and I think it’s a nice program.  It basically replaces the Design Studio software and is online and FREE which is super nice.

This machine will retail for $119 (or $129…I can’t remember which.)  Still I thought that was a nice low price.  It’s a perfect pairing, I think.  A low priced machine AND the free online software.  Pretty nice. 😉

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  1. Not sure if I will get this machine. Already have two cricuts. Will the expression work with the Cricut Craft Room?

    1. Hi Mimicaro, 🙂
      Yes, it will work with every Cricut machine. YAY! Here’s a link with more information: Cricut Craft Room

  2. Janet Licari says:

    This looks like a nice machine for those looking to spend less than for the higher end machines.

  3. oh I can’t wait to get this….I think it will be great to taje in our trailer…for those rainy days….

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