New Cricut Cartridge Cuttlebug Companions

Have you seen the Cricut Cuttlebug Companions yet?  They are Cuttlebug embossing folders that match up well specific Cricut Cartridges.  Previously announced were folders that will go with Preserves, Create a Critter, Once Upon a Princess, Heritage and Robotz.  Newly announced are the Cuttlebug folders that go with Freshly Picked, Cindy Loo, Mini Monsters and Wall Decor.  Coming out with Cuttlebug Companions for the Wall Decor cartridge is a reminder that it can be used for more than just walls, so remember to think outside the box…or the Cricut box in this case.  LOL!

I LOVE Cuttlebug embossing folders.  Here are posts where I’ve used them.
Curious about Cuttlebug?  Check out this video I made.

Here are images of the 4 newly announced Cricut Cuttlebug Companions:

Cindy Loo Cuttlebug Companions:

Cindy Loo...everyone seems to love you!

Freshly Picked Cuttlebug Companions:

Wall Decor & More Cuttlebug Companions:

Mini Monsters Cuttlebug Companions:

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  1. I really enjoy embossing folders, have not seen any of these and I didn’t know that they went with the cartridge. How exciting. Can you use the folders in other die cut machines?

  2. these are the ones i swacked about,cute but will have to wait until later! lol

  3. Does anyone know when these folders will be available? (Like we need anything else to add to our wish lists!) And how is it that they KNOW what cartidges I have?!? LOL Sneeky lil buggers, those provo craft people.

  4. I think these are an awesome idea! I love dry embossing and to now have folders to match the carts is a great idea! Will they have Toy Story ones?

    1. Ladybuglair75,
      Toy Story embossing folders would be GREAT! They haven’t mentioned making those yet, but it sure would be cute! I’d love Woody, Buzz and Alien ones. 😉

  5. These seem like great companions, but I have a question. Have you seen the create your own from Cricut?

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