Kitchen Before and After…


I came across this before picture recently.  Although there is nothing wrong with the first photo, I really like the way I have it now.

This first photo is from 2002, since then we:

  • painted
  • changed out all the knobs/pulls
  • changed out the faucet
  • changed out the rugs
  • got a new dining room table
  • added valences
  • went from vinyl blinds to 2″ faux wood blinds
  • changed artwork (some you can’t see)
  • made small changes to the items on the cabinet tops
  • added a flat screen TV + satellite to the corner near the sink




This is the best comparison photo I have, but in my kitchen now is the new faucet and the flat screen tv where that other one is in this photo.


I like the changes!!

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  1. I have that same table except it is the “high” pub style. I wish the rest of my kitchen looked like that. The knobs and the darker rug made a world of difference. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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