Joy’s Life ABC Book Cricut Cuttlebug Project “Q” Queen Bee “R” Raccoon “S” Snake

Today… letters Q, R and S.  Brought to you by…Joy’s ABC book. 😛

“Q” is for Queen Bee

Queen Bee

About the Queen Bee:

Cricut Cartridges: Sesame Street Font, Pooh and Friends (beehive pg. 16; bee pg. 17)

Cuttlebug Embossing Folder: Bloom Dots

Sizzix Texturz: Tween Tile (hive)

“R” is for Raccoon

Cutie Raccoon!

About the Raccoon:

Cricut Cartridges: Sesame Street Font, Animal Kingdom, Spongebob (grass pg. 47 it’s the pineapple top!)

Cuttlebug Folder: Heart Blocks

Those brown splotches on the Raccoon aren’t an ink mistake on my part. They are just part of the paper I chose.

“S” is for Snake


About the Snake:

Cricut Cartridges: Sesame Street Font, Plantin SchoolBook (grass pg. 69 cut up in smaller pieces)

Cuttlebug Folder: Mesh Texture

I hope you’re enjoying this tour of the ABC book I made!!  Tomorrow I’ll continue posting backwards (so this will make chronological sense when I’m finished).

Next are letters … wait, I bet you can guess it!!…LOL…you’ll have to live in suspense until tomorrow! 😀

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