How I Clean My Stamps & Acrylic Blocks

I have to tell you how excited I am to have finally found StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner.  SUPER excited!  You would think that since I have a whole stamp line … check ’em out … that I would have found this product a long time ago.  Yeah…well, I didn’t.  I just found it about a month ago.  Let me quickly show you what a good job it does.

Inky Stamp Block Standing

I really thought that I’d never be able to get this stamp block clean again.  It was like this for about 2 years.  I tried washing the ink off but it never worked.

Inky Stamp Block Laying Down

I simply sprayed the Stazon Stamp Cleaner on the the block and wiped it off with a paper towel.  (I used this stamp pad cleaner with it when cleaning my stamps off.)

Then it became beautiful and amazing again!

So, if you’re like I was and are just letting your stamp blocks sit around looking ugly…you don’t have to live that life!  LOL!  Just pick up the StazOn Stamp Cleaner.  I highly recommend it.  BTW, this is not a sponsored post, I just really like it and wanted to share it.

Now … go get some stamps!  LOL!

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  1. Yes, Joy, it does work great. However, I recommend that after using it on your stamps that you also use soap and water to remove this cleaner because it is a solvent and will eventually break down the material of the stamps. Then, if you want to, you could do just a swipe or two of regular stamp cleaner for the conditioning effect to counter-act the drying effect of the soap. (Kind of like using conditioner on your hair.). I know it's a lot of extra bother but if you want to keep your stamps in good condition for years to come it's worth it.

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